Favorite Bead Shops: City Beads

Some of the more unusual beads I found at City Beads in New York City.

Looking more like a high-end fashion boutique than a well-stocked bead shop, City Beads was an unexpected but delightful stop on my recent New York City shopping trip.

For those of us who love to use Swarovski components, some of which can be hard to find, this is the place where you will find them. I found two colors of a component that was recently discontinued by one of my regular bead suppliers, and I'm happy to know that City Beads will continue to stock this wonderful little ball of crystals or order them for me if I need some more.

Among some of the better selections at City Beads were their eclectic shaped beads – one of my shopping companions found a very cool bag of glass dice beads. In addition to their selection of crystal beads and components, City Beads has a full selection of Delica cylinder beads, beading books, tools, and supplies. In addition to my crystal components, I found a wonderful strand of textured glass coin pearls and a bag of square-shaped metallic beads with a fancy pattern.

You can find City Beads at 15 West 37th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues in Manhattan.

Have you ever shopped at City Beads? What did you think? Share your experiences here on the blog!

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