Fast, Fun & FREE Necklace Project!

Don't you love these beads?! In my last post, I shared some of my treasures from the Tucson bead shows. One of those treasures was this strand of floral polymer clay beads from Cherry Tree Beads.

When I first saw them, I imagined a Wilma Flintstone-style necklace: basically, a really simple, chunky necklace made by stringing the beads just as they were on the strand. I used 8mm cream glass beads (also from Cherry Tree Beads) near the clasp so that I could maneuver the bar half of the toggle clasp through the ring half. And guess what? This necklace cost me about $5 to make (about $3 for the polymer beads, $1 for the glass, and cents for the hobby-store clasp)! Follow the quick-and-easy instructions below to make your own Wilma-style flower-power necklace!

before & after


1. Use 20" of .019 beading wire to string 1 crimp tube and one half of the clasp. Pass back through the tube and crimp.

2. String 1 cream round, 20 polymer-clay rounds, another cream round, 1 crimp tube, and the other half of the clasp. Pass back through the tube and crimp.

3. Done!




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Happy beading!









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