Fast & Fabulous Call For Submissions February/March 2019: Natural Materials

Some things never go out of style—like natural materials, such as wood, bone, clay, shell, and coral. That is why we have chosen natural materials as our Fast & Fabulous theme for February/March 2019. If this sounds like your design style, or if you are up for trying something new, check out the Fast & Fabulous call for submissions guidelines below and send us your design by August 26, 2018.

Past examples include: Simple But Elegant by Maha Rizk, Coral Geometry by Teri Bienvenue, Luau by Ruby Bayan, and Bohemian Roundabout by Melinda Barta, all featured in Jewelry Stringing, Summer 2007 (shown above).

We welcome all designs and all designers. You don’t need to be a professional jewelry artist — but if you are, that’s fine, too. Simply create a design you love that incorporates the theme. To get you started, here are some resources to help you bring your design to life.

Fast & Fabulous call for submissions

Wood Stack by Arlene Kauffman published in Jewelry Stringing, Summer 2012.

Jewelry Resources

Fast & Fabulous call for submissions

The Drifter by Erin Strother published in Jewelry Stringing, Summer 2012

Fast & Fabulous Call for Submissions Information
Fast & Fabulous submissions are accepted by theme. To submit a project for the February/March 2019 Fast & Fabulous section, simply email a photo of your project to For additional submission info, check out the blog “Submitting a Project to Beadwork Magazine” by Managing Editor, Lavon Peters, or see our submission guidelines. (Note that bead woven project submissions are evaluated on a continuous basis and do not need to follow a particular theme.)

February/March 2019 F&F Due Date: August 26.

Fast & Fabulous call for submissions

Newly Fallen Snow by Rejetta Sellers published in Jewelry Stringing, Winter 2013.

We can’t wait to see what you create!
Marissa Bouska
Assistant Editor, Beadwork magazine

To find previous Fast & Fabulous projects, visit the Interweave Store!

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