Geometric Designs: Make 7 Fast & Fabulous Necklaces

Geometric shapes are the building blocks of design in the natural world, so it makes sense to look to them for beaded jewelry inspiration. The Fast & Fabulous: Geometric Shapes pattern pack features seven easy beading projects. Use circles, squares, chevrons, hexagons, and other shapes as the basis for these stylish geometric designs.

Your favorite Fast & Fabulous designers contributed projects to this collection: Kristina Hahn Eleniak, Tracy Gonzales, Cody Westfall, Allison Hoffman, Anne Perry, and Michelle Mach. Their easy geometric designs use simple techniques: stringing, crimping, wireworking, and more, so it’s fast to make a fabulous necklace inspired by geometric shapes.

Try Beaded Geometric Designs

If you’re intrigued by the idea of using geometric shapes in jewelry, read Geometric Bead Designs and Origami: Journeys in Math and Art. Tamara Kula shares some of the ways she’s inspired by geometric designs, with pictures of her experiments and links to projects to get you started.

Busy As a Bee by Kristina Hahn Eleniak

Busy As a Bee by Kristina Hahn Eleniak

Hip & Hexagonal

Hexagonal shapes are popular right now, in everything from home décor shelves to jewelry and more. Busy As a Bee by Kristina Hahn Eleniak takes its inspiration from the hexagonal honeycomb shape. The sweet little honeybee charm symbolizes the balance between working hard and making time for family, along with optimism. “Hope is the only bee that makes honey without flowers,“ says Robert Green Ingersoll.

Kristina is a Canadian designer and the creative force and founder of Peacock & Lime. With a love for color and a passion for old things and good stories, she loves to create pieces that combine visual aesthetics with the goal of evoking an emotional response in the individuals who wear them.

V-Link Necklaces by Tracy Gonzales geometric designs

V-Link Necklaces by Tracy Gonzales

Chic Chevron

V-Link Necklaces by Tracy Gonzales are layered for extra style. The V shape is a strong visual symbol for drawing the eye. It acts like the point of an arrow and can symbolize protection or moving forward. This sweet set can be assembled in no time by adding a handful of beads to the V-shaped connectors and then attaching a chain and clasp. Tracy is the lead designer for TierraCast and her stylish designs are inspired by their on-trend components.

Modern Edge Necklace by Cody Westfall geometric designs

Modern Edge Necklace by Cody Westfall

Make it Modern

This Modern Edge Necklace by Fusion Beads designer Cody Westfall is a tribute to chic city style. You’ll love the minimalist design of this super-chic necklace, too. It’s a look achieved by combining an assortment of geometric shapes on a dainty ball chain. Cody dabbled in many different beading techniques before finding her calling in wire-wrapping, riveting, and dapping designs.

Allison Hoffman’s Hip to Be Square Necklace geometric designs

Allison Hoffman’s Hip to Be Square Necklace

Easy Square Stitch

We don’t often have easy bead stitching in the Fast & Fabulous section of Beadwork, so it’s especially exciting to see Hip to Be Square by Allison Hoffmann grace its pages. Use square stitch to create a trendy square component and suspend it from a stylish collection of chains. Experiment with different color combinations to complete your look.

Allison is a mother, artist, and jewelry designer who lives in Seattle, Washington. Her passions have been painting and designing jewelry as a creative outlet for over a decade

Anne Perry’s Circle Gets the Square

Anne Perry’s Circle Gets the Square

Fabulous Fashion

In the Circle Gets the Square pendant by Anne Perry, repeated colors and shapes allow the geometric design to take center stage. Link small donuts together to create the straps for each side of the necklace – it’s a technique that’s simple but extremely effective.

Anne is the director of a learning center in southern California and she frequently contributes stylish, wearable designs to the Fast & Fabulous section in Beadwork.

Sky Portals by Michelle Mach geometric designs

Sky Portals by Michelle Mach

Make a Statement

Inspired by science fiction novels, Sky Portals by Michelle Mach offers a shipside view of what the universe might look like from space. It’s a fun way to spotlight negative space in a geometric design. The circle beads fit perfectly inside the wooden components, mimicking the windows on a ship.

Michelle finds inspiration in her favorite books and movies, unusual beads and findings, and her own backyard in Colorado. Check out her book, Unexpected Findings (affiliate link), for more designs with a twist.

Bucky’s Playground by Anne Perry geometric designs dymaxion shapes

Bucky’s Playground by Anne Perry

Delightful Decahedron

Bucky’s Playground by Anne Perry celebrates 20th century architect and inventor Buckminster Fuller’s ideas about geometric design. He said, “When I’m working on a problem, I never think about beauty. But when I’m finished, if the solution is not beautiful I know it’s wrong.” Bucky called the cuboctahedron (a geometric shape with a combination of triangular and square surfaces) a Dymaxion. This necklace balances three dymaxions to create a playful pendant.

Make Stylish Geometric Designs

Do you ever get into a jewelry-making rut? Get inspired by geometric designs to make stylish jewelry you’ll love with the Fast & Fabulous: Geometric Shapes pattern pack. It’s fun to play with different thematic concepts and challenge yourself to work outside of your comfort zone. In these seven designs, you’ll see how easy it is to combine techniques from crimping to simple wirework, and more, to create wearable geometric designs.

Happy beading,
Katie Hacker
Interim Managing Editor of Beadwork

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