Fast & Fabulous August/September 2018: Call For Submissions

Have you thought about submitting to Beadwork but just haven’t done it yet? Maybe you don’t know how to submit, or you haven’t found exactly the right design to send in. If that’s the case, we’re pleased to share with you the Fast & Fabulous August/September theme: Tassels. We’re interested in all kinds of tassels! Just check out the submission guidelines below and submit your tassel design by February 15, 2018.

We welcome all designs and all designers. You don’t need to be a professional jewelry artist — but if you are, that’s fine, too. Simply create a design you love that incorporates the theme. To get you started, here are some resources to help you bring your tassel design to life.


Woodland Snow by Tracee Dock featured in Jewelry Stringing, Winter 2017

Tassel Resources

How to Make Your Own Leather Tassels
How to Make an Embroidery Floss Tassel
How to Make a Chain Tassel
How to Make a Beaded Tassel with Seed Beads
How to Make an Easy Tassel


Agua Caliente by Anne Perry; featured in Beadwork, October/November 2017

Submission Information

Fast & Fabulous submissions are accepted by theme. To submit a tassel project for the August/September Fast & Fabulous section, simply email a photo of your project to For additional submission info, check out the blog “Submitting a Project to Beadwork Magazine” by Managing Editor, Lavon Peters, or see our submission guidelines. (Note that bead woven project submissions are evaluated on a continuous basis and do not need to follow a particular theme.)

August/September Fast & Fabulous Submissions Due Date: February 15, 2018


Shooting Star by Loralee Kolton featured in Jewelry Stringing, Winter 2017

We can’t wait to see what you create!
Marissa Bouska
Assistant Editor, Beadwork magazine

To find previous Fast & Fabulous projects, visit the Interweave Store!


  1. Sandra W at 11:36 am January 14, 2018

    Sorry to be a bit negative but a few years ago it became obvious that many of the same designers were being published in each addition – some more than once in the same issue – which resulted in what I felt was the exclusion of so many other designers that weren’t well known. I really liked seeing the work of those we may not be exposed to otherwise and I let my subscription to BeadWork lapse because that had changed. I would renew my subscription if I knew you were, once again, showcasing a greater diversity of work – especially by unknown designers.

    • Tammy Honaman at 9:08 am January 15, 2018

      Sandra, thank you very much for your comment and the time you took to reach out. Please know, we welcome submissions from anyone and everyone! It is always our goal to deliver the best issue we can and to share with our readers all designers are willing to put forward. You may see designs from the same artist in the same issue and the same artist from magazine to magazine — these are designs we feel meet our criteria not that we are excluding others from having their work shown.
      I truly believe we all start at the beginning and have a path to follow. I love being able to help others along their path no matter a name I’ve heard before or someone new. And I love being able to let their voice and art shine for all to see whether in print, online, in a video or a classroom.
      We welcome your submissions and we encourage you to share our message with all in your circle. Thank you in advance! — Tammy

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