Fall Trends: Add Rich Color to Your Jewelry Making

Kristal Wick
Kristal Wick
is the editor of
Beading Daily.
A familiar crisp, cool, clean fall breeze blows through my studio as I write. Are you beady peeps ready for fall as much as I am? This scorching summer turned me into a slightly crabby, unmotivated, less than creative, puddle of a bead-tista. Now, with the recent cold snap, it’s fall; bet you’re nesting, creating, and looking forward to awesome autumn.


Out come the sweaters, earthy colors, and fall spiced lattes. Bring it on I say. Been missing you. Remember the first day of school? We always got a brand new outfit to celebrate. I felt like a queen, (OK, really just a princess) for the day. I was certain everyone (including Mr. Herzog, my third grade teacher who was my first crush) noticed and loved my new jumper as much as I did.  Looking back at some of the old photos, I’m sure they noticed me…we’ll just leave it at that.


I still get excited about new fashions every fall, but I’m much more into jewelry and accessory fashions these days. Perhaps it’s my larger sized wardrobe (I CAN still fit into my earrings from Jr. high) that prevents me from racing right out and buying new clothes. Or, it could have something to do with my obsession with all things beady and sparkly. In any case, join me on a look at simple and stylish designs for fall from Creative Jewelry 2010. Trendy Styles You Can Make Yourself (and always fit into).


Groovy green
Green is certainly a mainstay in the fall scene. This season embraces the olive tones. They're less vibrant than the 2009 greens and mix well with all the metals. My fave mix is the copper and antique gold combo. Subtle and calming is this color palette and you can wear it year-round. This palette is beautifully displayed in Andrew Thornton's Machina Viridis, Melanie Brooks' Gears in Motion, and Lorelei Eurto's Emerald Isle. Favorite splashes: smoky quartz, rusty metals, bronze, and brass pearls.


Warm wood
Wood is another popular autumnal trend. Adding wood to your jewelry-making projects gives each piece a very rich organic quality and goes well with all your fave metal finishes. Use wood to tone down brightly colored chain or metal. Or connect deeply with the earth and all nature's elements by adding wood to other organic materials such as peppercorns and raku. You can find great examples of this combo in Dana Groves' Chain Works, Lorelei Eurto's Key Elements, Lori Anderson's Bonsai, and Melissa Lee's Spice of Life.
Favorite splashes: wood chain, wood beads, and wood hoops.

  Mixing metals
One of my most popular design techniques is mixing metals. It never fails to happen at every show I've ever sold my jewelry at; a customer or two falls in love with my "gold" bracelet but only wears silver. Or vice versa. So, I started making jewelry incorporating all 5 metals: brass, bronze, copper, silver, and antique gold. The finished piece then fits everyone's color requirement and is easy to match up with other accessories. The following designs combine metals brilliantly: Kerry Bogert's Daisy Daisy, Samantha Slater's Verde Centellean, and Melanie Brooks' Sprocket Gear set.
Favorite splashes: rusty patina, gunmetal, aged brass, and oxidized metals.

Have fun  weaving your way through Creative Jewelry 2010 and dive into the fall explosion and create new jewelry with me.

Come bead with me.


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