Fall Submissions Are In!

Spring has barely spring, but for the past few months we have been calling in submissions for our Fall '13 issue of Jewelry Stringing. Yesterday we finally got to lay them all out and get a look at them. Meetings like this one are definitely one of the perks of the job. Getting to see how our contributors take the ideas we hand to them in our issue guidelines and run with them is always really fun!

Our categories this time around were Raw Beauty, Not Your Grandmother's Pearls, Gold Rush, and Collars and Bibs. After seeing all of the pieces laid out in our conference room, we all agreed that we are really looking forward to seeing this issue come together. It is always difficult to know what to expect from each batch of submissions. We usually have pretty specific ideas about what we want the projects for each issue to look like, but communicating these ideas to potential designers is tricky. We are always surprised and impressed by the variety of pieces that we get in, and we had a ton of great candidates to choose from this time around–great work designers!

Another reason we are excited for this issue is that it includes our special annual shopping guide. We called for submissions from vendors in seven different categories and got back some really neat products to review. There are going to be some really fun and innovative materials in this year's shopping guide, so stay tuned!

The Fall issue will be available on newsstands this August.

Happy Weekend!


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