Fall in Love with Seed Beads at Bead Fest!

My Metal Seed-Bead Romance

I know, I know … you run into beads you love all the time. But I'd like to talk about a different type of love. I’m talking about head-over-heels beady luuuurrrve. The kind of giddy euphoria that makes you spend all kinds of money you don’t have buying every available color. Once you have them, all other beads pale in comparison, and you spend all your time with your new love. That’s the way I felt when I came across my first tubes of metal seed beads.

What are metal seed beads?
Metal seed beads are just that––tiny beads made completely of metal.

       More about metal seed beads

  • They are made with a brass base and coated with different finishes.
  • The finishes are very stable, much like that of metal findings, and the finishes certainly don’t rub off.
  • Since this type of bead is made entirely of metal, they are heavier than other beads of the same size.
  • You can readily find these seed beads in sizes 11°, 8°, and 6°.
  • These beads are very uniform and have a more rounded profile than glass seed beads. Since these beads are pressed into shape from sheet metal, they have a seam along the side. 
  • Be careful as you work with them with thin thread because if the seam is separated at all, your thread can slip into that seam and not only distort your stitch but the thread will be very prone to breakage.
  • It's best to use braided or thermally bonded beading thread with metal beads. These stronger types of thread hold up better to the beads' sharp edges.
Want to see some beautiful work done with metal seed beads?

Look at these breathtaking projects by Shelley Nybakke: 
Simply Marvelous, Darling (top) and A Metalsmith’s Match, Version 2.

Want to create your own beautiful work with metal seed beads?

Shelley’s teaching both of those classes at Bead Fest Santa Fe in March! Registration is open and so easy online! Spend time looking at all the workshops being taught this year. Wouldn’t it be fun to go to Santa Fe just to bead? Taking in the atmosphere of that gorgeous town would be worth it.


And after you sign up for a wonderful class or two, check back here on Beading Daily to let us know your metal bead luuuurrrve stories.


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