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Are you in the know about gemstones? Whether you work with them often or are yet to incorporate them into your jewelry, there's a lot to learn about the vast array of stones. In our newest issue, Create Jewelry 2014, we have devoted a whole article to this topic, called "Stone Spectrum," where we have grouped gemstones by hue to inspire you to add a little color to your designs using Mother Nature's most colorful invention–stones!

I personally have always loved the use of gemstones in jewelry, as colorful and natural elements are two things I am very drawn to aesthetically. Lately I have been seeing a lot of jewelry incorporating gemstones. In fact, looking down at my own hands right now, I am wearing two rings- one with a turquoise stone and the other with aquamarine (my mother's birthstone-that of March)!

From KahiliCreations From Deeruel
From MossandMist

Gemstones are worn beautifully when simply used on their own as focal pieces, but often stand out even more when paired with other stones. I fell in love with the following jewelry pieces for their use of complimentary stones, as well as the pairing of stones with other materials such as warm and cool metals. Just as the options of stones are endless, so are the opportunities to create with them!

While the rich, vibrant colors and natural textures of the stones themselves are enough to ignite creative inspiration, reading more about each stone may inspire you in other ways. The deposit location of one stone may make a connection to your design idea, while the name origin of another may make it the perfect fit for your jewelry piece.

This information and more can all be found in the "Stone Spectrum" article in Create Jewelry 2014. Be sure to flip through its pages and experience a whole new way of looking at the color wheel through the variety of stones available at your fingertips.

Megan Lenhausen

Assistant Editor

Jewelry Stringing & Beadwork

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