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Shaped beads are a hot trend in the bead world, with new shapes seeming to come out almost weekly. Beaders tend to love them or hate them—but Penny Dixon is one bead artist who definitely falls into the “love” category. And Penny’s shaped-bead designs are always a hit with other beaders, probably because they’re all so G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!

One of my favorite Penny Dixon shaped-bead projects is her Fan Flower Earrings, which graced the October/November 2014 cover of Beadwork. I actually have (and wear!) these earrings—which makes me feel only slightly guilty, since I didn’t actually make them myself.

shaped bead Fan Flower Earrings

Fan Flower Earrings

If you want to learn how to use shaped beads, what better way than following along with Penny in her new DVD, Shaped Bead Explorations. Penny demonstrates how to use new bead shapes so you can easily create sophisticated jewelry designs that are much more simple to stitch than they look.

Shaped Bead DVD

And if you want to make Penny’s Fan Flower Earrings, you can take advantage of the Interweave Virtual Summer Tent Sale to save 60% off the October/November 2014 issue of Beadwork (or any other print or digital magazine), now through July 10!

Virtual Summer Tent Sale

~Lavon Peters, managing editor, Beadwork and Jewelry Stringing magazines

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