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Interweave, Q: What exactly is a blog and blogging?

Heather Powers, A: A blog is a website with entries written in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological

order. Blogging is the action of writing your blog.


Q: How does a blog help promote your business?

A: It’s networking worldwide, twenty-four hours a day. Your blog is your main hub online; it’s a place to connect customers to your online shop, network, view or share photo albums, and more. It’s an easy and free form of promotion, so take advantage of it! My blog has opened up publishing opportunities, brought in sales, and helped increase my exposure online.


Q: How do you start a blog?

A: If you can write an e-mail and send a photo, you can blog! You can have a blog up in minutes following a few simple guided steps at sites such as or


Q: How often do you blog?

A: At least three or four times a week. Anything less and readers lose interest.

What to Blog About?

Q: What kind of content do you recommend?

A: I like to think of my blog as a visit to my studio. I’ll show what I’m working on, my inspirations, helpful tips, links to other artists, and news I want to share with my readers. A blog is not a commercial, so post about more than what you are selling. Focus on your creative process. Also, do not share too much information. Bodily functions are best left out of blog posts. Keep family/pet stories to a minimum. A little cuteness is okay, but you have to decide if you are writing a personal blog or a blog for your business. Finally, stay positive. No one wants to read complaints or negative posts.


Q: Does it cost anything to blog?

A: No, there are lots of free blog services. I like


Q: Any other advice?

A: Before you start, read a few blogs, make comments, and take notes on what kind of blogs you like to visit. Blogging is about community. Take time to connect with other bloggers. Keep your posts short, and don’t worry about what to blog about. Before you know it, something will happen in your day and your first thought will be, “I have to blog about this!”

Heather Powers
Bead Artist and author of Jewelry Designs from Nature, Beautiful Elements, and “Bead Making Lab”
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