Expert Advice for Effective Branding and Packaging for Your Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry

Business Saturday: on branding and packaging. An interview with Kristina Hahn Eleniak, jewelry artist and founder of Peacock & Lime Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry.

Expert Advice for Effective Branding and Packaging for Your Handcrafted Artisan JewelryQ: Tell us about the process you went through to develop your brand.

A: Developing my brand is definitely a work in progress. It started with a focus around the peacock image–designed by the lovely illustrator Tricia-Rennea Wilson. The rest is ever evolving. A minor tweak (like choosing a different font type) gives it a totally updated look. But the major elements–the color combination (peacock blue and lime green) and, most importantly, the peacock image (with which people have come to identify my work)–remain constant. It is also very important to make sure that you watermark all of your images that go online (on websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). Not only does this allow you to lay claim to your design and photo, it also adds to that professional and recognizable look!

Q: What factors did you bear in mind when working on your packaging design?

A: For packaging products (earring or necklace cards, jewelry tags, gift boxes, etc.), I think that simplicity, clean lines, cohesiveness (coordinating all of your packaging products), and looking professional are all key elements. To avoid more expensive parcel shipping, I also try to make my packaging small enough that it will fit into 2 cm Canada Post mail slots whenever possible!

Q: What difference do you think quality packaging makes in selling jewelry?

A: I think it can make all the difference in the world. Professional packaging sets you apart and gives you a step up. It shows your attention to detail and that you are proud of your work. You end up going from weekend crafter to professional artisan. The packaging brings it all together.

Expert Advice for Effective Branding and Packaging for Your Handcrafted Artisan JewelryQ: What tips do you have for creating packaging that complements a wide variety of jewelry designs and palettes?

A: Choosing a color scheme and logo that you really like and that you can use across all platforms is key. My peacock design is not always in the same position on every piece of advertising/packaging material, but it is always there! And simplicity is crucial. You want to be able to recognize it from many feet away.

Q: How do you cover the costs of your packaging?

A: I try to keep the costs of my packaging down. Originally, everything was designed and printed at home. Now that I have most things printed (it makes for a glossier, sturdy, professional look), it is built into the final [jewelry] prices. I still keep expenses down by designing the packaging myself and having online printers (like Vista Print) do the actual printing for me.

Photos courtesy of Peacock & Lime

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