Expand Your Peyote Stitch Skills


My mother and step-father moved to Virginia’s Eastern Shore a few years back. Once settled, my mom joined in with a knitting group who met at the local yarn store. The ladies would get together every Saturday, only taking a break to have lunch. With “Janet’s Onancock General Store & Luncheonette” across the street, who could blame them! I looked forward to joining my mom on Saturdays when the timing for our trips worked. It’s been a pleasure to get to know the ladies as well as an honor to offer them jewelry-making and beading classes.


The ladies have welcomed me warmly and I thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge, and passion for beading, jewelry-making, color and beads! The first class I taught was a flat, even-count peyote bracelet with a picot edge.

peyote bracelet

Peyote stitch bracelet with picot edging

The design called for size 8/0 seed beads for the base, a size they soon appreciated once we moved to the 15/0 for a picot edging! Many of the ladies finished their bracelets and bought more beads so they could make more bracelets at home. Some even bought kits for other designs. I love to teach but I especially love it when I teach people who are sure they will never work with those “tiny beads” and then can’t stop! Having been one of those people myself, it’s fun to watch the transformation.

On their own, the ladies have been exploring other jewelry-making techniques and bead stitches through videos, books and magazines. As a group, this is the next design they have lined up to work on later this month!

Passementerie Bangle, Alice Coelho, Beadwork, Apr/May 2014

Passementerie Bangle, Alice Coelho, Beadwork, Apr/May 2014

They have also done a lot more exploration with peyote stitch. Many of their favorite projects can now be found in the NEW Ultimate Peyote Stitch Digital Collection, including this great design by Alicia Grebe, which combines both flat and tubular peyote stitch along with some wireworking.

"steppin' out with the band," by Alicia Grebe

“steppin’ out with the band,” by Alicia Grebe

We were all really sad to see the yarn store close and selfishly, wondered what would become of the Saturday crew. Well – I’m happy to say, the Saturday crew has carried on, with the ladies taking turns hosting in their homes. A new group has also formed – the Friday Beading crew. This group currently meets at my parent’s house and enjoys the amazing meals my step-father prepares.


This weekend the Friday group is trekking off to a bead retreat and I can’t wait for the pictures to start rolling in, the Facebook posts to start popping up, and to see what they each make.

Whatever your passion – knitting, crocheting, beading, making jewelry or some other fun pursuit, I hope you are able to get together with a few other like-minded people. There is nothing like sharing time together and sharing your talents with each other and the friendships that emerge are also really special. If you belong to a group, please consider sharing your story with us here at BeadingDaily.com. We’d love to hear from you!

Happy beading!


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