Expand Your Horizons When You Learn How to Bead On Fabric with Nancy Eha

I come from a long line of crafters and artists. My great aunt was fantastic with hand sewing — she would make beautiful, comfortable skirts for my sister and me. I was always fascinated by how she knew just how to cut, hem, and piece together fabric to create clothing and even beautiful fabric art.

I may have missed out on the sewing gene in my family, but I definitely inherited some of my artistic abilities from my mother's side of the family. That's why I'm so excited about Nancy Eha's newest course on CraftU, Japanese Scroll with Beaded Dragonfly and Beaded Sashiko. If you've ever wanted to learn how to apply your bead embroidery skills to projects made with fabric, this is a fantastic introduction!

If you enjoy sewing, quilting, or any kind of needlework, this 5-week online course will take you step-by-step through things like:

  • Sewing and cutting a fabric scroll
  • Learning about color and value, and how they come into play when selecting both fabric and beads
  • Hand basting
  • How to create 3-D beaded structures using traditional embroidery stitches
  • The history of Sashiko, a traditional hand-stitching and embellishment technique from Japan

Even if you're just getting started with seed beads (but have other sewing and hand stitching experience), you won't want to miss out on this interactive online education event. Make sure you take a look at the recommended Japanese Scroll with Beaded Dragonfly and Beaded Sashiko Course Kit, available in the Beading Daily Shop. It includes beads, thread, needles, and even a pair of pre-made Tulle wings to help you cut down on time spent sourcing materials.

Each lesson includes videos, downloadable patterns, images, and instructions with easy-to-follow steps. You'll be able to post progress pictures to share with your fellow students and with your instructor, bead artist Nancy Eha. Learn tips and techniques that will help you apply your new skills to a wide range of quilting, needlework, and bead embroidery projects when you sign up for Japanese Scroll with Beaded Dragonfly and Beaded Sashiko on CraftU with Nancy Eha!

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