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Books and Beads!

Frog and Toad are Friends, Guinness Book of World Records, Betty Crocker's Cookbook for Boys and Girls. . . Ever since I heard that Beadwork's new international juried exhibition would combine books and beads, titles of my favorite childhood books have been popping into my head at odd moments. If I add in my adult memories of books (English major in college, reference librarian jobs, book club follies), it seems like there is no end to the number of design possibilities for this exhibition. Even though as an employee I can't enter, I'm very tempted to jump in and play anyway just for myself–and for you–if any of you would like to see what I come up with!

So what is Beadwork looking for?


Beadwork editor Marlene Blessing writes, "I know plenty of you have been inspired by altered books (don't let those collage artists have all the fun) and by stories (from trashy novels, to historical epics, to books of poems). Whether you alter an actual book, re-create a favorite character in literature, bead a page of text or just a favorite passage, bead a reader-and-book vignette, make a tiny library, or bead your favorite fantasy/sci-fi kingdom—or any other bookcentric concoction you can imagine—please share your passion for books and beads with us!"

Photos of the winning designs will be featured in Beadwork. The actual pieces will be on display at Bead Expo in Santa Fe (March 12–15, 2009) and Bead Fest Philadelphia (August 20–23, 2009).

Entry period: August 1-December 18, 2008. Read the complete rules.

Beadwork's last exhibit, The Beaded Bag, attracted the largest number of entries to date with 202 entries from all over the world. I would love to smash that record! If you have questions or comments about The Beaded Book, please feel free to post them here and I will ask the Beadwork editors to respond to you as quickly as they can. Good luck!

Current and Forthcoming Bead Exhibitions

Recently a Beading Daily reader asked about upcoming bead exhibits. In addition to the exhibits mentioned below, two bead museums have ongoing beading exhibits: Bead Museum (Glendale, Arizona) and Bead Museum (Washington, DC). Here are a few places to check out:

Development of Beads and Jade Tools Production, Japanese Archaeology Gallery, Tokyo National Museum, through June 8, 2008.
African Beaded Art: Power and Adornment, Smith College Museum of Art, Northampton, Massachusetts, through June 15, 2008.
Joy Crane: Beadwork, South Dakota Art Museum, Brookings, South Dakota, through June 15, 2008.
Glass Beads of Ghana, Newark Museum, Newark, New Jersey, through June 15, 2009.
Bead International, Dairy Barn Arts Center, Athens, Ohio May 23-September 1, 2008.
Out of the Box: Pushing the Boundaries of the Glass Bead, traveling exhibit, 2008, International Society of Glass Bead Makers.

If you know about any other current bead exhibits, please share them on the website.

 Last Chance for Bead Star: Tomorrow (May 6, 2008) is the absolute last day to enter Bead Star. Don't miss your chance to see your design on the cover of a magazine! Enter today.

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