Enchanting Jewelry-Making Inspirations: An Easy 5-Step Bracelet Watch

Inspiration has millions of sources. Where to find inspiration? Nature seems to be the #1 answer, although I've found it in other quite odd sorts of places: a car wash, ice cream shop, the airport, even a mall (the tables in the food court had the most beautiful graphic inlaid design). Sure, nature is great for inspiring; the waterfalls in Hawaii, the wildflowers in Colorado, the fall leaves in New England. But sometimes you just can't make it to one of those "inspiring" places in a weekend. That's the time I pore over my huge collection of books. Other artists' books, beautiful places books, DIY books. Books are perhaps my most favorite thing in life (next to chocolate and a great massage). They transport you to other realms, experiences, secret places, and most certainly invoke inspiration.

I found Cynthia Thornton's Enchanted Adornments incredibly enchanting. The way she weaves a fairy tale throughout her DIY book to show how to add the magic of "story" to your jewelry making is brilliant and more than inspirational. I was so affected, I made a project called "Fairy Time."

Personalize Your Jewelry with Treasure-Filled Bezels

Making my own fairy-tale jewelry was easy once I had a centerpiece and an idea for bezel links that would connect to it. A little sketch can help you figure out how you want your design to look. Here are my 5 steps:

Step 1: I found this very blingy ornate watch face at a bead show a few years back but couldn't decide what type of watchband to make for it. Cynthia's fanciful tales helped me see its potential as the heart of a bracelet.

Step 2: I chose several of my hand-dyed silks for the bezels. I wanted them to have the look and feel of nature: river stones, mossy greens, rich flowery fields of purples, and shimmery blue lakes. 
Step 3: Bezels, bezels, bezels! There are tons of wonderful bezels on the market. Deciding your fave might be tough. Just envision the shape, size, and depth (depending on what you want to fill the bezel with).

Step 4: Fill bezel chamber halfway with resin and cure according to manufacturer's directions. Cut fabric square to fit inside frame and lay it on top of cured resin. Add a second layer of resin on top of the fabric and cure. Repeat this step for each bezel.
Step 5: Link bezels and watch face with jump rings and voilà.

Infuse your jewelry with meaning and magic inspired by Cynthia's delightful stories, jewelry techniques, and charming projects in Enchanted Adornments: Creating Mixed-Media Jewelry with Metal Clay, Wire, Resin & More.

Come bead with me.



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