Embellish Your Viking Knit Chain with Beadwork!

So, you've taken the plunge and learned how to do Viking knit! Wow! You've worked out the kinks (literally) with your wire and have completed a beautiful, supple piece of Viking knit chain that is…well…just sitting in your hands. Viking knit is great and all, but now what?

One of the things that I discovered about Viking knit is that it behaves like some beaded ropes do, and it's perfect for showing off an easy beadwoven slider or pendant. Viking knit is easy to finish with some funky metal cones and makes a great casual or dressy necklace or bracelet.

My latest Viking knit chain has turned into what will probably be one of my go-to necklaces for casual days at home. Check out how easy it is:

After finishing my Viking knit chain, I clipped the ends and used a few inches of 20-gauge copper wire to attach some copper cones. Insert the wire into the Viking knit chain near the end and make a few twists to secure, smash it a little with a flat-nose pliers and slide it into the copper cone. Make a wrapped loop and attach your clasp.
Because I loved the contrast between the deep blue craft wire and the copper, I decided to stitch up a quick necklace slide to accent the Viking knit chain. Using size 11° seed beads in a deep color-lined blue, I made a piece of right-angle weave consisting of 3-bead units. The finished piece was five units across by twelve units long.
After finishing the base, I joined the edges together into a tube around the Viking knit chain.

Once the tube was secured around the Viking knit chain, I embellished it by adding a 4mm crystal bicone between 2mm copper round beads to every other unit.

As you weave through the right-angle weave, the piece will firm up and feel more substantial. Make sure you tie your knots securely, weave in your thread ends, and trim your thread close to the beadwork.

Now, I just need to go buy a shirt that matches the colors in this necklace…

Have you tried Viking knit yet? Find out just how easy (and addicting!) Viking knit can be with the Beaded Viking Knit Bracelet DVD. Part of the series of Bead Fest Workshop DVDs, author and artist Denise Peck takes you step-by-step through creating your own beautiful sterling silver Viking knit bracelet, accented with your favorite gorgeous glass beads. But don't say you weren't warned – once you get the hang of Viking knit, you'll find it hard to put down!

Have you found a creative way to mix wire and beadwork? Share your experiences and ideas here on the blog, or better yet, post a picture of your wire and beadwork creation in the Reader Photo Gallery!

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