Editors’ Top Picks for Beading Projects and Beading Gifts

As a crafter, I’ve always found gift giving to be my favorite part of the holiday season. I plan for months in advance, spend time making gifts I know my loved ones will cherish, and then enjoy the smiles I see when the gifts are opened. As a new beader, I have been contemplating all of the new gifts I can give this year. I just haven’t figured out what I should make for each loved one. This holiday season, I asked the Beadwork staff for their suggestions for beaded gifts I could make. I hope this will help you determine what to gift as much as it has helped me!

Top 5 Beading Gifts

Regina Payne and Cristie Prince beading projects in one bead kit perfect for gift giving

1. Royal Countess Cuff and Reign Drops Earrings

I always have great aspirations for hand-made holiday gifts: quilted table runners, painted Christmas ornaments, homemade toffee and caramels. But then time gets away from me, and I’m lucky to even get cards in the mail for everyone on my holiday list. This year, I’m ahead of the game. I’m making Regina Payne’s Royal Countess Cuff and Cristie Prince’s Reign Drops Earrings for my mom. These projects are available in a convenient kit. I’ve already finished the bracelet, and the earrings won’t take any time at all. You can purchase the Royal Countess Cuff and Reign Drops Earrings kit as a gift for your favorite beader, or you can buy the kit and make the jewelry to give away. I know my mom will love wearing this beautiful set of beaded jewelry on Christmas Day. (And Mom, if you’re reading this, just act surprised!)

Lavon Peters
Managing Editor, Beadwork magazine

Eso Cuff kit a perfect beading project and gift for giving.

2. Es-o Express Cuff

The instant I saw this uber-cool bracelet by Cecil Rodriguez, I immediately thought of how much it looks like a knitted cuff! The Es-o Express Cuff pattern that Cecil formed using the Es-o Mini beads reminds me of stockinette stitch from my favorite knitted accessories. This bracelet will make such a great gift for my friend who taught me how to knit many years ago. I’m absolutely positive she’ll see the similarity and will be impressed that I achieved the knitted look using beads!

Debbie Blair
Editor, Beadwork magazine

Thistle Blossom beading project in a kit, perfect for gifting this holiday season.

3. Thistle Blossom Bracelet

Most of the metal or wire jewelry I make is floral, either with organic-shaped hints of flowers or very literal flower designs. Beaded flower projects always catch my eye, too, as they’re extra pretty with their colorful palettes of shimmering beads. So our new Thistle Blossom Bracelet kit is perfect for me. Being a complete kit, it’s pretty and convenient. The only trouble with this kit is deciding whether it’s a gift for me or for someone else. Perhaps I’ll take two! Or maybe I’ll use the kit to make multiple pendants!

Tammy Jones
Social Media Manager, Bead & Jewelry group

Silver Twilight necklace kit is a perfect beading project for gifting this holiday season.

4. Silver Twilight Necklace

Seeing the Silver Twilight Necklace necklace on the cover of Beadwork magazine, I’m immediately transported. I see myself wearing it with a beautiful gown. I imagine wearing the gown and this amazing necklace to a fun and festive holiday party. Maybe even a New Year’s Eve ball!

The Silver Twilight Necklace is so elegant. The materials Melissa used sparkle but are not overdone. Melissa chose to weave these beautiful materials with cubic right-angle weave, which is one of my favorite bead weaving stitches. Above all, I especially love that all the materials you need to stitch this beaded design are in one convenient kit! The hardest choice now is to decide how many to make — one for myself then how many for those special someones on my gift list?

Tammy Honaman
Web Producer, Bead & Jewelry group

Dancing Diamonds and Diamond Fire beading project kits perfect for gift giving

5. Dancing Diamonds Bracelet/Diamond Fire Bracelet

The Dancing Diamonds Bracelet and Diamond Fire Bracelet kits are easy stocking stuffers for this holiday season! With bonus nail polish to slip into the stocking, these are quick and easy presents when paired with a finished bracelet. I have already made both bracelets, and it took no time at all. Or think about giving the bracelet kits for some awesome craft time with the family! Either way, these kits are at the top of my holiday gift list.

Marissa Bouska
Assistant Editor, Beadwork magazine

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