Editors Share Their Favorites From Beadwork 2016

Each year we gather up all the previous year’s magazine issues into one convenient collection. Great news! The Beadwork 2016 collection is now available. I asked each of the editors on the team to share their favorite(s) from the year and I’m so glad I did as I’m seeing things with a different eye. And now I’m curious. Did one of us choose your favorite? Was it for the same projects and beaded designs? Or did we share a new perspective with you and you now have a new favorite?


Managing Editor, Beadwork magazine

I love the April/May 2016 issue of Beadwork magazine. This issue is full of so many beautiful projects, at all skill levels. Advanced beaders will love the challenge of Marcia DeCoster’s Cubed Chandelier Earrings, made with cubic right-angle weave.

Editors Share Their Favorites From Beadwork 2016

Intermediate beaders will enjoy creating the offset blooms in Marie New’s Euphorbia Bracelet. And beginning beaders will find Laurie Marcum’s Daisy Duos Bracelet quick and approachable. This issue also includes a loom-woven bracelet, two bead-embroidered necklaces, several projects that use various shaped beads, and a few projects that use only seed beads. There’s truly something for everyone in this fun issue!


Project Editor, Beadwork magazine

Editors Share Their Favorites From Beadwork 2016

My favorite Beadwork pattern published in 2016, the oh-so-hip Swinging Chevron Earrings by Sue A. Neel, is featured in the June/July issue. This particular issue of Beadwork holds a special place in my heart because it’s the first that I officially worked on as the technical editor (writing project instructions), and — bonus — I just so happen to love each of the projects inside!

Editors Share Their Favorites From Beadwork 2016

Sue’s earrings stand out to me for many reasons. The chevron trend has been hot for quite a while now, and I don’t see that changing any time soon! Sue formed the chevron structure of each tier using tubular peyote stitch and working strategic increases and decreases. I stitched a pair of these earrings myself, and it felt like magic as the beadwork took its shape. All the other projects in the issue are just as dreamy, so get your copy in the 2016 Beadwork magazine collection today!


Editorial Director — Books

Editors Share Their Favorites From Beadwork 2016

My favorite Beadwork issue from 2016 was October/November. It featured an artist profile of author Cynthia Newcomer Daniel and an excerpt from her book, Modern Beaded Lace. Cynthia and I worked together to develop the book a few years prior and it was finally ready to release to the world! Sneak peeks and author interviews like this are some of my favorites to share with readers.

Editors Share Their Favorites From Beadwork 2016The Jacobean Blossoms Earrings shown in this issue are a delightful introduction to beaded lace and the type of how-to and projects you’ll find in the book.


Editor, Beadwork magazine

Editors Share Their Favorites From Beadwork 2016

I adore everything about the February/March 2016 issue of Beadwork magazine—the projects feel so “spring” to me, with all of the purples and greens. If you love bracelets, this will be your go-to issue, with ten bracelet designs in a variety of patterns, colorways, stitches, and materials! Nichole Starman’s Crescendo Bracelet is eye-catching, with its use of crescents, melon rounds, and seed beads to form diamond-shaped components in a beautiful lilac and gold colorway.

Editors Share Their Favorites From Beadwork 2016And Andrea Mazzenga’s Dashing Diamonds Cuff mixes SuperDuos, bricks, and crystal bicones in a sturdy argyle-pattern. You’ll also find gorgeous earring and necklace patterns, such as the Cathedral Windows cover project by Jennifer and Susan Schwartzenberger, and the stunning Provence Necklace by Maria Teresa Moran. No matter your taste or skill level, this issue is a must-have to round out your collection.


Editor and Web Producer, Interweave Bead & Jewelry Group

Editors Share Their Favorites From Beadwork 2016

It’s not because the issue satisfies my need for beaded designs to make for my holiday list, the Beadwork August/September 2016 issue is also filled with designs I’d love to wear myself, all year long! Like the Deco Disc Earrings by Graehound.

Editors Share Their Favorites From Beadwork 2016

I’m a big fan of designs that are made with negative space and circles are perfect for that. Add bead weaving done around a Swarovski crystal ring? Instant Tammy favorite!

Editors Share Their Favorites From Beadwork 2016

My other favorite from this issue is Melinda Barta’s Sawtooth Cuff (another design with negative space!). I know this is a design my Aunt Barbara would love and she’ll love it even more when she realizes it’s reversible! Comfortable to wear, stylish, and reversible? What a perfect combination!

And even though I have beads and even more beads to be able to put together my own color combinations, I love that I can still pick a kit up for this design. For me it’s perfect for this time of year and the quick trips to the beach — no fuss and no thinking needed! Just pop the kit into a beach bag with a beading board and my beading “go bag” and I’m all set for some beading oceanside. And what could be better than already having a Christmas gift made before school starts?!


Assistant Editor, Beadwork magazine

Editors Share Their Favorites From Beadwork 2016

The December /January 2017 issue is one of my absolute favorite issues from this past year. The wide range of difficulties and types of projects within this issue make me want to learn just about every stitch! Whether I’m looking at Sonia Davis’s Coiled Kumihimo Bangle, which adds a modern edge to any outfit, or Lisa Kan’s Radiance Necklace, a sure showstopper, I can explore just about any technique or variation I might want to try, all within one issue!

Including an article on tips and tricks for jewelry and crafting, perfect for beginners, this issue is great for beaders like me, who are just getting started. Nichole Starman’s Wanderlust Bracelet utilizes a simple set of materials and stitches, with several different color ways for any design. Lynn Davy’s Marrakesh Bracelet is also a way for beginners to explore, in my opinion, one of the harder beginning stitches, the right-angle weave. This issue has so many great patterns and stitches to explore, I can’t help but claim this issue as my favorite!

No matter the favorite issue or favorite design, it’s clear we all love beading! Now I wonder if I asked everyone the same question again next month, if we’d all have a different issue or different project as our favorite. It’s funny how we are influenced by what is first and foremost in our minds and how that affects our decisions and choices. And then when we see things through someone else’s eyes we see things anew.

Please share your favorite issue or beading design from the Beadwork 2016 Collection and open our eyes to your view.

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