Editors’ Favorites from Beadwork Magazine 2017

Beadwork, June/July 2017

beadwork magazine

It seems as if every time we publish a new issue of Beadwork magazine, I have a new favorite edition! But looking back at 2017, my favorite issue would have to be June/July. The cover of this issue is so crisp and clean, and it features one of my favorite projects ever: Andrea Mazzenga’s Blue Hydrangea Bangle. I’ve been dying to make this bracelet ever since I saw it.

Another reason I love the June/July 2017 issue of Beadwork is the variety of projects it contains. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a diehard seed beader, someone who has embraced all the new shaped beads, a glam girl who loves to bezel sparkly crystals, a bead embroidery aficionado, or a cross-over beader who is interested in jewelry making as well.

Seed Bead Projects

The June/July issue includes 3 projects that use only seed beads. Estelita Mayac Chiles’ Forget-Me-Not Hoops use cubic right-angle weave to create two-toned green hoops that feature bright, colorful blooms. Andrea Mazzenga’s Blue Hydrangea Bangle combines a gorgeous palette of Delicas into an abstract floral design beaded around a sturdy brass cuff. And Shanna Steele’s Copper Connections Necklace uses simple peyote stitch to weave color-blocked strips that connect sets of copper rings for a stylish design.

beadwork magazine

Forget-Me-Not Hoops, Blue Hydrangea Bangle, Copper Connections Necklace

Shaped Bead Projects

If you like shaped beads, the June/July issue of Beadwork has you covered! Carole Ohl’s Tahitian Diamond Bracelet uses O beads and RounDuos, Kassie Shaw’s Zinnia Profusion Cuff uses O beads and MiniDuos, Debora Hodoyer’s Quatrefoil Kite Earrings use Arcos and Minos par Puca beads with O beads and SuperDuos, Kim West’s Playful Pentagons Bracelet uses DiamonDuos, Carolyn Cave’s Trinity Pendant uses MiniDuos and Trinity beads, Svetlana Chernitsky’s Rolling Waves Bracelet uses Arcos par Puca beads with O beads and Silky beads, and Leslie Rogalski’s Arcos de Triomphe Necklace uses Arcos and Minos par Puca beads with MiniDuos.

Beadwork magazine

Tahitian Diamond Bracelet, Zinnia Profusion Cuff, Quatrefoil Kite Earrings, Playful Pentagons Bracelet, Trinity Pendant, Rolling Waves Bracelet, Arcos de Triomphe Necklace

Another great feature in this issue is the “Expanded Guide to Shaped Beads.” This article provides 4 pages of info about all the latest bead shapes, including 2-hole, 3-hole, and 4-hole varieties.

Bezeled Crystals, Bead Embroidery, and Stamped Metal

The June/July issue of Beadwork includes several other types of projects, too. Stitch Melissa Grakowsky Shippee’s Troika Collar to learn how to bezel crystals. Make Agnieszka Watts’ Forest Whisper Necklace to try your hand at bead embroidery. And check out the Fast & Fabulous section for seven different metal stamped designs, including Jess Lincoln’s Be You necklace and earring set and Rita Pannulla’s Minty Mandala necklace and bracelet set.


Troika Collar, Be You, Minty Mandala, Forest Whisper Necklace

Something for Everyone

We try to put a little something for everyone into each issue of Beadwork, and the June/July 2017 issue is no exception. Get this issue as part of the 2017 Beadwork Collection, and discover dozens of fabulous designs created just for you!

Lavon Peters
Managing Editor, Beadwork magazine

Beadwork, August/September 2017

Beadwork Magazine

Hello beautiful, yourself! Meredith loves this cover.

My favorite issue from 2017 was the August/September issue. First impressions make an impact, and the cover of this issue is visually very pleasing to me. The colors of the text and beautiful shot of Shanna Steele’s Tucson Vista Necklace match so nicely, it gives me warm fuzzies. My schooling was in graphic design, and my passion is beading, so the covers of beading magazines have always garnered special attention from me!

Those darn shaped beads

Having owned a bead store, I know the woes of finding materials for projects featuring all of the shaped, two-holed, and now even THREE-holed beads, like the Arcos par Puca beads featured in the Copper Reflections Bracelet by Shae Wilhite. Many people have expressed to me that they can’t keep up and they wish the bead manufacturers would just knock it off! However, I have to admit: I love shaped beads! I can’t get enough of them, and every time a new shape comes out I can’t wait to see what patterns will feature them in the next Beadwork magazine.

beadwork magazine

Shaped beads abound in Shae Wilhite’s Copper Reflections Bracelet

While I strongly encourage people to support their local bead stores, every project in Beadwork features a resources list. It’s part of my job at Beadwork magazine to check those resources and make sure what you’re looking for is really there. So, no more woe! Just follow the resources and you should have no trouble getting what you need. We also kit up a project for every issue, like we did for Shanna Steele’s Tucson Vista Necklace, to make it extra convenient for our readers and beaders!

beadwork magazine

Beading made easy by purchasing a kit for this gorgeous necklace

Loving all the leather

As a jewelry artist as well as a seed beader, I am totally digging the leather-filled Fast & Fabulous section of this issue. My favorite Fast & Fabulous project is the Boho Leather Bangles by Becky Nunn. I have loved Nunn Designs’ products for years, so it’s no surprise to me that the mix of earthy, bohemian, and classic aesthetics in these bangles is right up my alley.

beadwork magazine

Becky Nunn nailed Meredith’s style with the Boho Leather Bangles

Of course, we work hard to make every issue special. Perhaps it’s all a matter of personal taste, but I think that this issue gives you a lot of bang for your buck. I love every single project!

Meredith Steele
Technical Editor, Beadwork Magazine

Beadwork, October/November 2017

beadwork magazine

The October/November 2017 issue of Beadwork will always be a special issue for me because it was my first issue as assistant editor. I lucked out and came in on the Twentieth Anniversary issue, which not only gave me a chance to learn the history of the magazine but also featured so many amazing projects.

Designer of the Year Melissa Grakowsky Shippee’s Czech Me Out necklace graced the cover of the issue, pulling me into the splendor of bead weaving. However, I really fell in love with Michelle Gowland’s Caliente Bracelet. The bold medallions immediately drew my attention and the various sizes of components demonstrated how versatile bead weaving could be.

beadwork magazine

This issue is great for beginners, with several simple projects including Hortense E. Thompson’s Lost in the Sahara bracelet, Evelína Palmontová’s Champagne Serenade Earrings, and Linda Anderson’s Sweet as Sugar Bracelet for those who want to try out kumihimo.

beadwork magazine

Alternatively, the October/November 2017 issue also contains many advanced projects, such as Designer of the Year Kassie Shaw’s Diamante Dance, Leslie Venturoso’s Art Deco-dence Cuff, Jennifer and Susan Schwartzenberger’s Poire Verte Necklace, and Twyla Harbick’s Timeless Necklace. All beautiful projects I still aspire to create. This issue has something for everyone. It even includes seven Southwest inspired Fast & Fabulous projects for those looking for stringing techniques.

Looking back, the October/November 2017 issue is still my favorite issue, with twenty years’ worth of knowledge and passion packed inside its covers. If you have to choose a single issue to demonstrate the hard work, dedication, and creativity of the bead weaving community, this is the one.

Marissa Bouska
Assistant Editor, Beadwork magazine

Beadwork, February/March 2017

Without sounding cliché, every issue of Beadwork is wonderful and holds something special for each of us. When I have to choose just one issue though, I would have to say, the February/March 2017 issue ranks high on my list. I think you’ll agree it’s an issue not to be missed! Inside, you’ll find a wide range of techniques that never go out of style but are used in new and exciting ways. To follow are just a few.

Netting is a timeless, elegant stitch. Mix in semi-glazed seed beads, pressed glass beads, crystal buttons, and rose montees and you have a design that will surely stand out. Desert Rose Bracelet, by Designer of the Year Agnieszka Watts makes use of the classic netting stitch and the design is a show stopper.

beadwork magazine

Herringbone is a go-to favorite stitch for me. Kassie Shaw, Designer of the Year, has transformed the stitch into something almost unrecognizable in her Vortices Bracelet. This beaded design is elegant in its curves and has so much movement, even just sitting on the page. I can only imagine the way the design springs to life in person and must get to weaving this design!

Kumihimo is always a crowd pleaser. In Trust in Your Path, Kristen Fagan takes the kumihimo braid in a different direction, pairing it with wire and beads to create this unique and colorful effect.


This issue holds so much more, including a design that makes me smile whenever I see it — Moroccan Sunset Bracelet by Shae Wilhite. This bracelet design is colorful and happy, just like Shae, and is a pattern than will never go out of style. This design is available in a limited edition kit, grab yours while they last!

beadwork magazine

Dive into each issue of the Beadwork 2017 Collection and find your favorites. Make a list, make some beaded designs, then come back and read the issues all over again to find new favorites.

Editor, Beadwork magazine and Group Editorial Director, Bead & Jewelry

Enjoy all Beadwork has to offer in convenient digital collections, and never miss an issue with a subscription.


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