Easy Wire Earrings

Do you ever see someone wearing beautiful jewelry, and you'd love to know where she got it but are too shy to ask? I'm not. One of the most delightful fringe benefits of working in the Interweave office with so many creative folks is #1 they usually have made their own jewelry, and #2 they'll even show you how! This is precisely what happened with one of my office mates, Chelsea Floyd. This cutie patootie waltzed in one day wearing a pair of stunning wire earrings, and I simply had to know how she did it. They were simple, classy, and quick to make, and she graciously offered to teach me and all you beady peeps how to make "Chelsea Earrings."

Chelsea's easy wire earrings.

Our workshop with the lovely teacher Chelsea.

1. Cut two pieces of 20 gauge wire. We used 2 1/2 inches for the earrings in the picture.

2. Slightly bend the wire in half, making the edges even.

3. Using round-nose pliers, create a small loop at the end of the wire.

4. Make headpins by cutting three pieces of wire two inches long and hammering the bottom of the wire flat in the same spot for all three wires..

5. String pearls and beads onto each headpin and create a small loop at the top of each headpin.


6. Hammer the front half of each ear wire to flatten and strengthen the wire. File any rough edges or burrs.

7. Connect headpins to ear wire loop and repeat all steps for the other earring.

Here are my baby butterfly earrings, a variation on Chelsea's earrings.

I strongly suggest you clear your calendar for the day before you start on this earring project. Once you start, there's no stopping! Thanks Chelsea!

The best is yet to bead!


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