Easy Long-and-Short Necklace

I purchased this necklace several years ago at a department store. At the time, it was a double-strand necklace, but I really only wanted to wear it long. So I detached a few things here and there, joined it back together, and, voila! One long necklace. Now that a few years have passed, I of course wish I could have the option of wearing it long or short. So I simply attached a lobster clasp in an inconspicuous spot and now have the ability to either wear it long, or double it up and wear it short. 



Inspired by the silver necklace, I decided to create a brass version that I could wear long or short.


Here's what I used: chain (I picked this up at Michaels from Susan Lenart Kazmer's line–very inexpensive), rings, beads, and head pins/eye pins/wire (whatever's handy).


I decided to make this version a bit longer than the silver one so I'm able to wrap it around my neck without using a clasp!

Couldn't be easier!

Happy crafting,


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