Easy DIY Necklace Holder for Under $4

I'm sure that  many of you can relate to this–I keep making more and more jewelry and am completely running out of places to store it!

The problem is that I only wear a fraction of my necklaces because they are not in plain sight. Many of them are in piles–yes, piles, I'm ashamed to admit–in the drawers of my jewelry boxes.

Bracelets and earrings, on the other hand, are displayed in cute bowls and shabby chic frames in my bedroom, where I can easily pick through them each morning and decide what to put on.

The solution? A trip to my local thrift store, a little paint, and an hour spent in my studio resulted in a charming necklace holder that I've already filled with necklaces!

Here I'm going to show you how I transformed a plaque that I purchased for $3.99 into a fun and functional necklace holder.

This is the plaque that I started with. First I sanded off the word, like this:



Then I painted a thin wash of light green acrylic paint to lightly cover the center area and the decorative wire on the top. Next, I used a wet paper towel to create a wash with creme-colored paint:



I used the same creme color to paint the border and the two dowels. Finally, I added three nails and glued decorative buttons to the top of each one:


I couldn't wait to hang some of my necklaces! Now I'm much more likely to put one on in the morning before stepping out the door.

A word of advice on hanging your own necklaces though: while it's fine to hang your chain necklaces, I wouldn't recommend hanging any necklaces that are strung on beading wire or elastic cording, or are woven using beading thread, as they could have a tendency to stretch out over time.

I've seen countless clever ways to display, organize, and store jewelry. What are your favorites? Please share your tips below!

Happy crafting,

Debbie Blair, Senior Editor

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