Easiest Chain Maille Project Ever!


Before I ever picked up my first jump ring opener, I always thought that chain maille jewelry had to be made from complex, intricate weaves that used hundreds or thousands of jump rings. And, sure, you could spend days or even weeks putting together a complicated chain maille weave. But you can also make a pair of chain maille earrings in just a few minutes using less than a dozen jump rings!

I was so excited when I discovered this free chain maille jewelry project from Jewelry Making Daily, and it’s really perfect for someone who wants to experiment with chain maille. Use it as a way to practice opening and closing your chain maille jump rings, and you’ll see why I call this the easiest chain maille project, ever.

I so loved this chain maille project that I after I finished my own pair of earrings, I used a set of glass rings to use this technique for a chain maille bracelet. It’s so lightweight and colorful, I’ll probably be sporting it all summer long. (When summer arrives, that is!)


  • 8 anodized aluminum jump rings
  • 4 sterling silver jump rings
  • 2 beads with holes large enough to fit over anodized aluminum jump rings
  • Ear wires


  • Jump ring opener or 2 pairs of chain nose pliers
chain-maille-jewelry chain-maille-jewelry

1. Open two pink jump rings, link them together and close. Open a third pink jump ring wide enough to slip over both, and close to make the knot.

2. Open one sterling jump ring, and encircle all three pink rings of the knot. Close. Attach a second sterling ring to the first.

3. Open a pink jump ring, slip it through your bead and around all three rings of your knot, and close. Add an earwire. Repeat for the other earring.


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