Earth Day Projects

Just yesterday, Earth Day was celebrated in numerous ways across the globe. Events were held to increase awareness of environmental issues and appreciation of the earth's natural environment.

In celebration of Earth Day, I’ve rounded up a collection of smartly-done jewelry projects that make good use of materials that may otherwise end up in our landfills.

I love this idea on the Green Issues by Agy blog, where she crafted an old pair of jeans into stylish bangles.

Check out the how-to here.

This fabric brooch by BrokenGhostCoutoure is hard to beat. Check out her Etsy shop here.

And don’t you just adore these flowers fashioned from reusable shopping bags? These would make such a pretty necklace or brooch! 

Details can be found on the Craftster blog.

I’ve never thought beyond cork boards when it comes to using up old corks, but at MadDogOfTomorrow’s Etsy shop, you can purchase a clever ring made from a wine cork!

And, finally, our friends at feature a number of jewelry projects on their blog that you can make yourself from otherwise discarded materials.

This rolled-paper necklace is reminiscent of a project that will be part of our 2012 edition of Handcrafted Jewelry magazine, which is made from rolled strips of newspaper.

I'm excited to include so many upcycled jewelry projects crafted from a number of things that may be otherwise trashed–soda cans, candy wrappers, and old tins, to name a few! You'll want to try your hand at any number of these fabulous ideas in the next Handcrafted Jewelry! I know I will! The hardest part will be waiting until this issue comes out in the fall! In the meantime, share your upcycled jewelry ideas with your fellow crafters here!

Happy Earth Day, and happy crafting!

Debbie Blair

Managing Editor

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