Earth Day Inspiration: the Jewelry of Kate McKinnon


Art from nature–

Mother Nature is a master architect. From microscopic cells to monumental canyons, from stones to feathers, Her work is astonishing. Her children are architects, too; think of birds’ nests and honeycombs. Mother Nature is an inspiring and generous teacher, sharing unlimited textures, patterns, and shapes that provide visual energy to fuel our creative journeys.

Metal clay master
Kate McKinnon is one of those artists who draw their inspiration from nature. Clearly she adores what she observes, and derives ideas for her designs from figurative, literal forms as well as texture and pattern found in nature. Working in metal clay and applying metal techniques such as fusing, hammering, and cold connections, McKinnon pays homage to nature. I don't know about you, but I really want to touch all of Kate's jewelry. The smooth curl of a bird's wing, the dimpling of a circle, or the grooves in a bead cap . . . all so enticing!

A pair of birds tending their nest are captured in the “Returning” ring. The rivets are set to allow the wearer to adjust the attitude of the birds.

A honeycomb pattern adds a simple texture to a circle box pendant.

Inspiration from patterns such as feathers and waves enrich these bead caps.

Enjoy an interview with Kate now!
Meet Kate McKinnon in our video clip as Editorial Director Marlene Blessing chats with her about her work.

Get new ideas from nature
It seemed fitting on this the 40th anniversary of Earth Day to share the journey of an artist so inspired by nature. It's exciting to watch Kate translate what she sees and loves into works of art. In Sculptural Metal Clay Jewelry, Kate teaches us her way of looking at the world, up close and personal, so we can discover ideas for our own jewelry designs. See the outdoors the way Kate does, and bring freshness to your own work!

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