Earring Variation of Carolyn Cave’s Beaded Trinity Pendant

Carolyn Cave’s Trinity Pendant was published in June/July 2017 Beadwork. To accompany this intricately netted pendant, Carolyn created a matching pair of beaded earrings. These earrings generated a lot of reader interest! Both we and Carolyn received multiple emails requesting the earring pattern.
Earring Variation of Carolyn Cave’s Beaded Trinity Pendant

We always ask designers to send us variations of their main project. Sometimes they send alternate colorways of the main project, and sometimes they send matching designs that can be made using the same techniques and materials. We hope that these variations inspire readers by demonstrating that each bead-woven design has multiple possibilities.

In the case of Carolyn’s Trinity Pendant, the earring variation is made a bit differently than the pendant. Luckily, Carolyn has now created instructions for the earrings! To get the earring pattern, please contact Carolyn directly via email (ladybeadledesigns@nucleus.com) or through her Facebook page, Lady Beadle Designs by Carolyn Cave. (Please note that there is a small fee for the earring pattern.)

I hope you’re inspired by this beaded pendant and earring set to create your own variations of favorite beaded designs. And if you do, please send them to us — we just might feature them on our website!

Happy beading!
Lavon Peters
Managing Editor, Beadwork magazine

Find Carolyn’s Trinity Pendant pattern in June/July 2017 Beadwork!