Dragon Blood Jasper Nursing Necklace

Dragon Blood Jasper – what a fantastic name for a stone. The rich moss green and dark burgundy red do call to mind these wonderful mystic creatures. This stone is particularly gorgeous, with the slash of red crossing the deep green, The focal pendant is approximately 2 inches in diameter.

We hand braided rich dark rust, dark green and brown satin cord, completed with a slide knot clasp to create the necklace. The colors of the cord beautifully highlight those found within the matrix of this wonderful stone. The slide knot allows this necklace to be worn from a maximum length of 29 inches to choker. Gold tone beads on the ends of each cord give it a final polished look and add just a bit of sparkle.

We love dragons – falling on the side of the Asians who consider them to be protectors of all – and in keeping with the theme of "the Magic Dragon" and Bill Peet's children's book, "How Droofus the Dragon Lost His Head."

Fun facts: This wonderful, unique stone is found only in Australia.

Nursing necklaces are beautiful pieces of jewelry for the new mother that double as visual & tactical stimulus for a nursing or bottle feeding baby. Because we consider these to be pieces of beautiful jewelry, we use the same grade of gemstones in our nursing necklaces that we use in our other jewelry.

Exotic Treasures Jewelry uses natural stones for the focal point for each necklace. 

Nursing necklaces are not jewelry for infants or children & should never be used as teething devices. As with all jewelry, they should never be given to small children as toys or playthings.

FREE GIFT WRAP. Each piece of jewelry is wrapped in tissue paper and enclosed in an organza bag.

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