Do You Love Bead Embroidery? Here Are Five Free Patterns for Bead Embroidery!

If you've ever seen the awesome and inspiring bead embroidery of artists like Sherry Serafini, you might have been inspired to try your hand at this particular beading technique. Unlike other types of off-loom beadweaving, bead embroidery is the stitching of seed beads to a fabric or felt-like backing. While the basic stitches used in bead embroidery are relatively simple, the results can be spectacular. Bead embroidery allows you to "paint" with your beads on a fabric "canvas" for a look that you just can't get with other beadweaving techniques. You can also easily incorporate found objects, gemstone and handmade cabochons, and other unique jewelry-making components into your bead-embroidery projects.

While bead embroidery can be used to make spectacular beaded jewelry, it can also be used to add a decorative touch to all sorts of things such as purses and handbags, clothing, and even shoes! Bead embroidery is instantly recognizable in Native American beadwork, and some of the most breathtaking fashions seen on the runway in the twenty-first century have also been decorated with beaded embroidery.

Because bead embroidery is such a versatile beading technique, we chose five of our favorite bead-embroidery patterns that cover a wide range of styles and techniques. To start, make the Kachina Goddess Pin by Jody Johnston-Duran and learn how to incorporate cabochons and bugle beads into your bead-embroidery projects. Dustin Wedekind's beautiful Illuminated Letters will help you master beaded backstitch while you create a personal bead-embroidered pin inspired by the richly illustrated manuscripts from the Renaissance. You can also use beaded embroidery to embellish a keepsake pouch by creating Marlene Blessing's Captive Heart Pouch. Judy Brownell's Star-Studded Bracelet shows that sometimes less can be more in bead embroidery – especially when it involves some sparkling crystal sew-on beads. Finally, practice all your new bead-embroidery skills when you create Kelli Burns's Day in the Sun bead-embroidered cuff with its vibrant garden of Lucite flowers and brightly colored seed beads.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download your copy of Bead Embroidery Patterns: 5 Free Beaded Patterns for Beading Embroidery now! You'll find instructions for all five bead embroidery projects, plus tips and basic techniques for making beautiful bead embroidery projects.

Bead embroidery is a wonderfully versatile beading technique. Whether you like your bead-embroidery patterns to be fun and fast or more complex and textured, bead embroidery is the perfect way to blend seed beads and other jewelry-making components into gorgeous and unique beaded jewelry and accessories. Enjoy these free beading patterns for bead embroidery and see where they lead you on your personal beading journey!

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