Do You Bead Green?

Do You Bead Green?

In the Summer 2009 issue of Stringing, we present an article about eco-conscious beading, Bead Green: New Earth-Friendly Beading Supplies. In the article,

author Melaina Juntti writes, “Nowadays many of us think critically about how our lifestyles and hobbies affect the planet and, coupled with a not-so-sweet economy, we carefully consider each and every product before we purchase.” She then goes on to mention a handful of cool, new eco-friendly beading materials: corn-cob pendants, recycled bottle cap beads, and heavy metal-free beading wire, to name a few.



Let the Discussion Begin

Now, I must admit that I was hesitant to assign this feature. I was convinced it was a good topic for Stringing;

however, I was aware that:

1.  Some people are just plain sick of “green” speak.

2.  Claiming that this or that is eco-friendly can be controversial—one person might say that a recycled-glass bead is eco-friendly because it is made from recycled materials (recycle, reuse, remake, right?), while another may dispute that statement, citing the pollution caused by transporting said bead to the market.

What is one to do? Well, we decided to broach the topic with a fun and informative, not academic or self-righteous, tone and a goal of introducing readers to products that were conceived with the noble purpose of doing the planet a favor. My hope is that this will spark a bigger conversation about “green” beading products.

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Share Your Views

Do you have another eco-friendly beading product you’d like to tell other readers about? What steps do you take to bead green? Share your views on eco-friendly beading on Stringing’s forum.

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