Do Ergonomic Tools Make a Difference in Jewelry Making?

Just in time for this blog, what should land in my mailbox but a brand-new set of ergonomic jewelry-making tools from Cousin Corporation? It got me wondering, would using ergonomic tools for my wire jewelry-making projects really make

that much of a difference?

What Makes Ergonomic Jewelry-making Pliers Different?

The difference between ergonomic and regular beading tools: ergonomic round nose pliers on the left, regular round nose pliers on the right (red handles)

Most jewelry-making pliers are made to fit comfortably in your hand with rounded and padded handles. The head and jaws of a pair of regular jewelry-making pliers sits straight at the top of the tool. Because of the way the jaws are situated, getting those pliers into a tight spot means you have to angle your hand, fingers, and wrist. If you engage in several hours of jewelry-making using these kinds of pliers, you might find yourself suffering from pain caused  by muscle fatigue.

Look at a pair of ergonomic jewelry-making pliers, and you'll see the differences right away. The head and jaws are bent at a slight angle, making it easier to get those pliers into tight spaces when you're working on a wire jewelry-making project, or even a chain maille project. 

A pair of ergonomic jewelry-making pliers has one long handle and one short handle, and both handles are curved inward to fit better between the base of your thumb and your curved fingers. A better fit means more comfort when you're holding your jewelry-making pliers for a long time, resulting in less muscle fatigue and pain.

Are Ergonomic Jewelry-making Pliers Right for Everybody?

I used this set of Precision Comfort ergonomic jewelry-making tools from Cousin Corporation to play around with an easy wire jewelry-making project I designed, and I found that yes, indeed, tasks like opening and closing jump rings and making loops in my wire were much easier using the ergonomic tools.

That said, after years of using regular jewelry-making pliers, it took me a little while to get used to the feel of these ergonomic beading tools in my hand. I've only used them on a few projects, but I'll be using these exclusively in the next few weeks to see how they feel and what kind of a difference they make in my jewelry-making and beading projects.

Ergonomic jewelry-making tools are ideal for anyone who loves to make jewelry but suffers from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, where holding a regular pair of jewelry-making pliers can turn into a painful experience rather quickly. Since I suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome flare-ups in the winter when the mountain air is usually very dry, I can understand why having an easy-to-grip set of jewelry-making pliers would be essential for me.

Even if you don't suffer from any kind of physical malady that makes holding your jewelry-making pliers difficult, having a set of ergonomic beading tools can not only improve your jewelry-making skills, but can also make your beading projects better and last longer. I found this Precision Comfort tool set to be the perfect entry-level set of beading tools for someone who wants to try a set of ergonomic jewelry-making pliers. Who knows? I bought my first set of inexpensive jewelry-making pliers way back in 1998, and I'm still using them today!

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What do you think about ergonomic beading tools, especially for wire jewelry-making? Do you prefer using ergonomic tools to regular beading pliers? Leave a comment and share your thoughts and opinions here on the Beading Daily blog!

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