DIY Halloween Bling

This year I won't be dressing up for Halloween because I'm a new mom and will be focusing my costume efforts on my 4-month-old daughter. However, I like to be festive and celebrate the season, so I want to wear a little boom boom to show I'm keeping with the spirit of things. Adjusting to my new role at home has put me on a bit of a beading hiatus, so I looked into my jewelry stash to see what I already have that might work. 

I've got several pieces that I've worn in the past as part of actual costumes, but as stand-alones, they miss the mark. I've decided on this fun ceramic-tile pendant my cousin made for me a few years ago. It's a cut tile with a decoupaged design and glued-on bail. It got me thinking that it would be really easy and fun to make a bunch of pendants to swap out on a plain silver chain around the holidays; or, I could make smaller versions of charms and turn into an eye-catching charm bracelet.

What would you make with small pendants or charms? Do you reuse components from ready-made jewelry pieces you already own? What's your favorite way to dress up your wrists, neckline, and ears for holidays?

One way to make beautiful charms and pendants is to use ICE Resin. This ICE Resin Halloween kit has the materials you need to create your own personalized bling. Go creepy with a photo of a spider or skull, be cool with a glamorous goth look, or pay homage to the past with family ephemera or photos; then set it in a bezel and enamel it. Check it out!


Bead chic,

Kate Wilson
Associate Editor



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