DIY Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and I’m loving all of the DIY projects and inspiration I’m seeing online. There’s something about this holiday that ignites every feeling of excitement for summer–a giddy sensation that I believe carries over from my childhood! That being said, I couldn’t help myself but to find the best DIY Fourth of July ideas for 2015.










Food↠ I’m always looking for cute (and healthy) snacks for holiday parties, and both of these festive treats are up to par! Thanks to these fruits and chocolate-covered pretzels (my weakness!), I envision full tummies for every party guest.


lights masonjar

Decorations ↠ You can’t have a true party without the most Pinterest worthy decor! What I love about these finds is the possibility to get your kids involved! Who doesn’t love a little decoupage and some sticky fingers? Both only require a few inexpensive materials but lend a lot of ambiance and can be left up for the duration of the summer.


bangle nails2







Accessories ↠ How perfect for Independence Day (not to mention the rest of the year!) is this beaded bangle kit? It stitches up quickly and is just the project to build your anticipation for the coming holiday! Work up a few extra for any friends who help you set up for the party–you know they’ll be asking about yours all night anyway! And while you’re showing off that bangle, make sure your nails are as patriotic as can be!


drink2 drink








Drinks↠ I love the idea of special drinks for both adults and kids. This drink on the left is an adult cocktail with very appropriately colored berries, while the one on the right is an ingenious kid-friendly mixture of flavored sugary drinks (well, the kids have to stay up for the firework show somehow!).

I hope you enjoy these DIY Fourth of July projects as much as I plan to! Treat yourself to making fun and festive accessories for your home and for yourself.

Happy Fourth!

Megan Lenhausen
Assistant Editor
Beadwork & Jewelry Stringing


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