Discover Why Bead Artists Love the Bead On It Board

Since the release of Beadwork’s Bead On It Board, we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback. Professional bead artists and designers love this beading board and you will too! Keep reading to discover all of the reasons why Beadwork’s Bead On It Board is the best.

Carol Cypher

Bead on it Board

Carol Cypher: Carol Cypher Designs

  1. The soft fabric on the underside prevents marring the work table and makes it slide easily into a bead bag for travel. Yet, when placed on a piece of the textured rubber (sold in rolls in housewares and hardware stores to keep rugs from slipping or to line a shelf) it will not slide off.
  2. Made in USA and made to last. You would never know that I spilled an entire glass of merlot onto one of mine. The only evidence, after thoroughly blotting up every drop with a couple kitchen towels, is the faintest gray trace.
  3. Though sturdy and firm, is entirely soft. This enables me to pin a project to the surface or rim, for cross-needle-weave and macramé, while being comfortable, should my wrist rest on the edge while beading.

Discover Carol’s courses on African helix stitch and polygon stitch and her guide to all things bead weaving, Mastering Beadwork or find out more about Carol by reading: “Beading as a Way of Life: Inspiration and Advice from Carol Cypher”.

Kinga Nichols

Bead on it Board

Kinga Nichols: Crimson Frog Designs

  1. I love that it supports a small business whose mission is to provide beaders with the best beading surface out there, through using the nicest quality materials and coming up with sizes and shapes to fit all beady needs.
  2. The size of my Beadwork Bead On It Board is ideal for travel: big enough for even larger projects requiring quite a few piles of beads laid out, but small and light enough to carry with me on my travels.
  3. The cream velvet surface makes it easy to find the right bead; it also makes the beads “stand up” with their holes pointing upward.

Check out Kinga’s Advanced Bead Weaving Series: Seed Bead Embroidery, including five courses to help you advance your bead embroidery skills. To learn more about Kinga, read “Bead Embroidery Artist Kinga Nichols Shares Her Perspective of the World” or visit her website. Find more of her designs in her Etsy store.

Tamara Honaman

Bead on it Board

Tamara Honaman: Editor, Beadwork magazine

  1. The number #1 reason I love my bead-on-it board is for how easy it is to bring with me and how easy it is to bead on no matter where I’m beading. The design is sturdy so the board is easily balanced on my lap in the car or on a tray in an airplane. The size is perfect for my backpack (something I bring with me for any trip beyond the grocery store).
  2. The surface is perfect for beading. The color is bright so you can easily see the beads and the texture of the mat helps the beads sit with the hole facing up, making it easy to pick up the beads. It’s not recommended to let the surface get wet and I can attest pool water does leave a reminder— but that’s not a bad thing and it doesn’t hinder the magic ability the surface possesses.
  3. Last, but really another top reason I love this board: the soft outer rim. Not only is the colorful edge perfect for containing your beads should you accidentally tip the board, it holds your needles for you! I just stick the point into the surface and it stays right there (not magic, just physics). This feature is perfect for many situations that pop up while beading that require setting your needle down, like needing to get a knot out of your thread, or taking a break to make dinner. This is also ideal for ensuring your thread doesn’t get knotted when you stop to get some ice cream and you’re worried the cat might knock the board to the ground in spite since she was not included in the outing.

Tamara’s online courses feature tips and tricks for learning basic bead-weaving stitches and bead looming to get you started beading now. Also check out her latest appearance on Beads, Baubles & Jewels To find out more, visit our blog, where Tamara shares her love of beading weekly!

Kristal Wick

Bead on it Board

Kristal Wick: Brand Editor, Interweave Bead & Jewelry group

  1. I love the rim. None of those little bitty round beads sliding on the floor. The tall, thick rim keeps them on the board.
  2. When you dump out a bunch of seed beads onto the board, you can gently shake the board and the beads flip hole side up so it’s much easier to stab them with your needle when stitching.
  3. This board is a great portable size. I travel a lot so schlepping a bead board along is essential but many of them are too big. This one is the perfect size to bring on the plane or bead on your lap on a road trip (NOT while you’re driving, of course)!

Learn how to make beads with fabric and fiber in Kristal’s online courses and find inspiration in her beautiful designs with her Mixed Media DVD available from Interweave. To read more about Kristal, check out “Fearlessly Creative: An Interview with Kristal Wick”.

Melissa Grakowsky Shippee

Bead on it Board

Melissa Grakowsky Shippee: MGS Designs

  1. They are pretty! Why not use a pretty surface with a cool design to bead on when crafting with such luxurious materials as seed beads, Swarovski crystal and Czech glass beads?
  2. They are comfortable. The way that the padded perimeter cushions my hands when working makes them very ergonomic and pleasurable to work with.
  3. They are compact and come in different sizes and shapes so you can pick the right size and shape for the project and location where you’ll be beading.

Melissa was one of Beadwork’s 2017 Designers of the Year, find her designs in the Beadwork 2017 Collection. To find out more about Melissa read: “Beadwork Designer of the Year Melissa Grakowsky Shippee” or visit her website.

Bead on it Board Kit

Bead on it Board kit

What are your three favorite things about Beadwork’s Bead On It Board? Please let me know in the comments!

Happy beading!
Marissa Bouska
Assistant Editor, Beadwork magazine

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