Discover the Popular Rose Gold Trend in Jewelry and Fashion

Rose gold isn’t a new trend, but it’s one that’s certainly popular right now. From hair to makeup to jewelry to phone cases, rose gold is everywhere you look! Read on to learn about this popular color and find some beading inspiration that’s sure to keep you on trend.

Rose Gold

What is rose gold, exactly? What gives it that soft, romantic glow? Carl Fabergé (of Fabergé egg fame) first combined yellow gold and copper to produce the pinkish hue that was originally called Russian gold. Cartier started using this gold blend in the 1920s, and its popularity grew.

Nowadays, rose gold remains a nice alternative to yellow or white gold. It has more warmth than white gold, but it doesn’t give off the brassiness of yellow gold. In addition, rose gold complements all skin tones — making it an easy choice.

rose gold trend

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Rose gold’s popularity extends well beyond jewelry. Rose gold hair color is currently trending on Pinterest, where you can find hip shades of pink blended into blonde and even brunette hair.

rose gold trend

From Pinterest

Celebrities are wearing rose gold on the red carpet, sometimes even matching their hair to their attire. For the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, Blake Lively wore a gorgeous rose gold gown that accented her strawberry blonde highlights.

Blake Lively rose gold trend

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Rose Gold Beaded Jewelry

If you’re ready to embrace the rose gold trend, here are a few beaded jewelry projects to try.

Leslee Frumin’s Empress Catherine’s Collar uses rose gold crystal pearl rounds and rose gold crystal bicones with antique copper seed beads for a pink-hued necklace that’s both elegant and stylish. Katie Wall’s trendy Golden Pennant Necklace combines yellow gold cylinder beads with copper-lined crystal cylinder beads for a rose gold look; it also incorporates rose gold chain and findings. In her Sweet-and-Spicy Necklace, Yasmin Sarfati mixes coral, bronze, and fuchsia beads to give an overall rose gold impression, accented with rose gold fire-polished rounds.

rose gold trend

Empress Catherine’s Collar by Leslee Frumin, Golden Pennant Necklace by Katie Wall, Sweet-and-Spicy Necklace by Yasmin Sarfati

Stephanie Deddo-Evans’ Genie Gems Bracelet blends pink, gold, mauve, fuchsia, and rose gold beads for a stunning bracelet with a triple focal. Maggie Meister’s Balustrade Bracelet is a medley of brown, bronze, gold, and rose gold that would perfectly complement the rose gold highlights in your hair (if you’re so daring!). The rose gold 2-hole seed beads in Yasmin Sarfati’s Sunflower Bracelet offset the gold and pink of the seed beads and crystal chatons in the floral components.

rose gold trend

Genie Gems Bracelet by Stephanie Deddo-Evans, Balustrade Bracelet by Maggie Meister, Sunflower Bracelet by Yasmin Sarfati

If you need quicker gratification, try stitching a pair of earrings or a ring. Breanna Garcia’s Sundial Earrings use reversible dragon scale beads to really make the rose gold color pop. Marla Salezze’s Cinquefoil Ring employs rose gold seed beads to contrast with the bronze pearl s and bicones. Either of these projects will come together quickly — faster than you can get those rose gold highlights I know you’re thinking about!

rose gold trend

Sundial Earrings by Breanna Garcia, Cinquefoil Ring by Marla Salezze

Have fun incorporating rose gold into your beaded designs. For more color-inspired beading trends, including turquoise, gold, and white, see “Color Design Trends: What’s Hot in the Beading World.”

Happy beading!
Lavon Peters
Managing Editor, Beadwork magazine

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