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learn how to make your own handmade beads in this free guide from Interweave.Click on the Download Now button or link below and learn how handmade beads will capture your imagination like no other. The very first beads were made from nuts, seeds, and shells with small holes drilled into them. Later, as human culture developed and technological advances were made, beads were created one at a time by skilled artisans and stone carvers. People attached mystical significance to some of these handmade beads. We’re excited to offer a new free eBook: Your Guide to Handmade Beads: Enamel Beads, Fabric Beads, and Polymer Clay Projects.


Everyone knows that handmade beads can be made from glass and ceramic, but they can also be made from fabric, wood, or even stitched together from other beads! It seems that the range of materials that can be used to create beads is only limited by our imaginations and our desire to create these tiny treasures that can be used in so many different ways. In a way, handmade beads embody the creative spirit of the human race in a way unlike any other.

In ancient times, handmade beads were made from organic materials such as nuts, seeds, and shells will small holes drilled into them. As technology developed, skilled artisans were able to create more intricate ones, carving them from stone and other solid materials. These pieces were so valuable that they were often traded as currency. People have even attached a spiritual significance to some handmade beads, believing they would bring luck, prosperity, or protect the wearer from evil spirits. Today, modern advances in machinery and materials allow beading supplies to be churned out in the hundreds and thousands, and shipped around the world.

We created this free collection of resources to help beaders of all abilities explore the creative joys of learning how to make beads. Learn the ins and outs of buying handmade beads, then dive into six free bead-making tutorials for some serious project inspiration. Included in this free eBook are instructions for making and using a variety of supplies, including silk/fabric beads, polymer clay beads, enamel beads, and mixed media handmade beads:

Learn How to Buy Handmade Beads

Learn how to buy handmade beads the right way with this handy guide filled with expert tips and fun instructions.
Buyer’s Guide by Jean Campbell
Beading supplies can be found in local shops, at trade shows, online, and nearly everywhere beads are sold. Understanding the types of materials used, especially in glass/enamel beads and clay beads, is vital knowledge to have when selecting the best kinds for your designs. In this informative article, expert Jean Campbell discusses different material possibilities for many common types. Start with the three types of glass for lampworked beads, move onto handcarved beads, then learn the types of oven-fired beads, including ceramic beads and polymer clay beads. With this handy guide you will be on your way to understanding the basics of beading in no time. Download your free eBook to get Jean’s bonus guide!

Enameling to Make Enamel Beads

Learn everything you need to know about enameling to make enamel beads with this free guide.
“Enameled Filigree” by Pam East
While at a bead event, Pam was challenged by a fellow artist to enamel his signature filigree beading. After grabbing her torch and powdered enamel, she gave it a try and to her surprise, it worked beautifully. Her technique is so straightforward, that even beginners will feel confident creating these enamel beads. Learn how easy this process of enameling beads can be, and get tips from expert Pam East when you download this eBook!

Making Fabric Beads into Jewelry

Making fabric beads is easier than you think with this free bead making guide.
“Sassy Silky Angel Dangles” by Kristal Wick
Once you’ve learned how to make fabric beads, you will need a place to showcase them! Handmade silk/fabric beads can be fun to use in designs of all sorts including bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Kristal’s Wicks easy dangle project is perfect for beginners or anyone looking for a quick design idea using those handmade fabric beads. Get her fast and fabulous instructions for using your fabric beads when you download your free beading lesson!

Silk and Fire-Polished Beads

Learn how to make this beautiful, DIY necklace with beads that use handmade silk beads, eyelash yarn and fire-polished beads.
“Firecracker ” by Jamie Hogsett
When you pair the creativity of making fabric beads with unusual and texture-rich elements, you end up with a piece of jewelry with a personality all its own. And that is exactly what Jamie did with this fabric beads project! Grab your handmade silk fabric beads and some yarn (such as the novelty eyelash yarn used here) and combine them together with fire-polished beads for a necklace with sparkle and shine. The possibilities for design are endless once you have the basic process down. Download your free tutorial for beaders to get this project and many more!

How to Make a Charm Bracelet

Create custom clay beads using this easy mixed-media technique.
“The Lure of Charms: How to Make a Text Bead” by Belinda Spiwak
Charms come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, and can be purchased, modified, and handmade to fit your exact needs. To celebrate the ‘charming’ nature of handmade beads, Belinda took her love of found objects and easy projects, and combined them into this quick bead-making tutorial. Simply start with an oblong bead, add items such as paper, text, and fabric, and follow her simple bead making tutorial instructions and voila, a handmade bead is born. Discover the magic of bead making with her easy to follow instructions, all in one easy to use free resource you can download today!

Iris Polymer Clay Beads

Use this free, easy-to-follow project to begin making polymer clay beads and polymer clay projects.
By Barbara Sperling
If you’ve ever wanted to take your polymer clay bead making skills to the next level, this handmade polymer clay bead is a great place to start. Try your hand at making canes, blending colors, and creating a handmade polymer clay bead out of a series of tiny mosaics. This is one handmade bead that you will want to treasure forever!

Folded Raku Polymer Clay Bead Necklace

Use this simple process to begin making polymer clay beads to make a handmade beaded necklace.
By Su Ki Wilcox
Raku is a ceramic technique that involves several firings in an oxygen-free chamber. You can learn how to capture that characteristic look of raku with these easy extruded polymer clay beads, using a simple glazing technique. Get practice shaping thin strands of polymer clay, using a clay extruder, and learn about using glazes for creating unique and beautiful handmade polymer clay beads.

If you love jewelry making, then this lovely collection of 5 handmade bead projects plus bonus guide to buying handmade beads is a must-have. Each of these delightful projects on how to make beads comes with intuitive instructions and truly unique inspiration!

However you decide to use them, handmade beads will always have a special place in the history of humankind and the development of so many different cultures around the world. I hope you enjoy these free beading projects using handmade beads and that they inspire you to make a little history of your own with handmade beads in your beading projects. Download your free copy of Your Guide to Handmade Beads: Enamel Beads, Fabric Beads, and Polymer Clay Projects, and discover how much fun it can be to make your own beads!

How fun will it be when you can proudly tell those admiring your newest creation: “I made it myself!”



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