Discover Your Personality Type, Then Bead Loom Your Way to Inner Peace with a Mindfulness Kit

Does stress seem to rule your days? Are you looking for an excuse to slow down and a way to be more present in your own life? Many beaders say that bead weaving helps them unwind — and looming is one of the most meditative beading techniques. Take our quiz to discover your personality type, then bead loom your way to inner peace by making a bracelet according to your temperament. Get the Be(ad) Mindful Deluxe Kit, which includes a Little Ricky Beading Loom, or the Be(ad) Mindful Basic Kit if you already own a beading loom.

Several of the Beadwork team members took our online quiz to determine their personality type. Take the quiz yourself, then read on to learn why they each think their bracelet pattern suits them so well, then get your own kit to create a personalized bracelet!

Take the Personality Quiz


Dreamer bead loom pattern

Meet all the Dreamers on our staff! Dreamers tend to avoid conflict, and they find joy helping others. They are loyal and loving, and they like spending time with their family and friends. This tranquil bracelet pattern gives Dreamers the harmony they seek.

Debbie Blair and her take on the mindfulness bead loom kit.

The Dreamer results describe me perfectly. I’ve always been one to avoid conflict, and I’ve been labeled as loyal and giving toward others. I’m drawn to the Dreamer bracelet design for its use of repeated colors in a soothing pattern that reminds me of watching ocean waves lapping the seashore.
–Debbie Blair, Beadwork magazine Editor

Marissa Bouska and her take on the mindfulness bead loom kit.

I got the Dreamer bracelet, and it didn’t surprise me that I would be described as “a people person” who “likes to spend time at home with friends and family.” I come from a huge, close family, and I’m also a middle child, so I try to avoid conflict! The soft transitions between colors in this pattern are very calming to me. The gradual shifting of colors feels like a having a conversation with a loved one.
–Marissa Bouska, Beadwork magazine Assistant Editor


Dreamer is the perfect result for me — everything about the description fits. The bracelet pattern is one I would enjoy making over and over and one I would like to try with different colors of beads. Being a Dreamer, I think I would also enjoy trying the other patterns, too — including the random pattern with all the leftover beads!

Random bracelet bead loom pattern
–Tammy Honaman, Web Producer and Editor, Bead & Jewelry Group

Tammy Jones and her take on the mindfulness bead loom kit.

I got Dreamer, which is no surprise. I love the bracelet pattern recommended for me, too. It does look tranquil; it reminds me of walking on a deserted beach, which is one of my favorite things to do. And those colors! #love
–Tammy Jones, Social Media Manager and Editor, Bead & Jewelry Group

Hollie Kuhlmann and her take on the mindfulness bead loom kit.

I was instantly drawn to the Dreamer bracelet design before I even took the quiz. I love how the colors fade into each other, as well as the combination of the different bead finishes. The quiz was pretty spot-on when it described me as loving and loyal, too. All-around, this is the perfect design for me!
–Hollie Kuhlmann, Marketing Manager, Bead & Jewelry Group

Lynne Lounsbury and her take on the mindfulness bead loom kit.

I definitely enjoy spending quality time with family and friends. Even if I hadn’t taken the quiz, the Dreamer bracelet pattern is the one that would appeal to me the most. I love the way each section of color blends beautifully into the next.
–Lynne Lounsbury, Interweave Merchandising


Adventurer bead loom pattern

Meet the Adventurers on our team! Adventurers are carefree, energetic, and creative, and they enjoy trying new things. They seek variety and entertainment. The Adventurer bracelet pattern is as vibrant as the personality it represents.

Meredith Steele and her take on the mindfulness bead loom kit.

Adventurer is so perfectly suited to my personality. I love trying new things and learning; variety is the spice of life! Oddly enough, I actually find the other two patterns more appealing aesthetically. This isn’t surprising to me, because I don’t tend to fit neatly into boxes!
–Meredith Steele, Beadwork magazine Technical Editor

Tammy Kula and her take on the mindfulness bead loom kit.

The Adventurer design immediately caught my eye, and fortuitously, the quiz pointed me right to it! I love learning new things and seeing new places in the world. The pattern on this bracelet reminds me of exciting terrain to explore.
–Tammy Kula, Instructional Designer

Practical Types

Practical bead loom bracelet pattern

Meet all our Practical staff members! Practical types are logical, straightforward, and goal-oriented. They like spending time with close friends, but they also enjoy alone time. The Practical bracelet pattern has the structure and consistency this type of person thrives on.

Lavon Peters and her take on the mindfulness bead loom kit.

I’m definitely practical and goal-oriented. I love the Practical bracelet pattern because it’s orderly and symmetrical. As beautiful as the other patterns are, this is the one I find the most appealing.
–Lavon Peters, Beadwork magazine Managing Editor

Connie Poole and her take on the mindfulness bead loom kit.

The designer in me is drawn to the clean, graphic shapes in the Practical bracelet pattern. And I find the cool palette calming. A perfect fit for my practical nature!
–Connie Poole, Beadwork magazine Senior Designer

Madeline Orth and her take on the mindfulness bead loom kit.

I wasn’t all that surprised to get Practical. At times I feel a little more like a Dreamer or Adventurer (and I sometimes wish I were more like these types of people), but Practical is actually very fitting for me. I love the routine of having and achieving goals and then setting new ones. The Practical bracelet pattern is calming and feels very much in sync with my personal style. This beautiful bracelet design is great for someone like me who likes order and structure in everyday things.
–Maddie Orth, Marketing Specialist, Bead & Jewelry Group

Are you a dreamer, an adventurer, or is your practical side more dominant? Take the online quiz today, then get the Be(ad) Mindful Deluxe Kit (with a loom) or the Be(ad) Mindful Basic Kit (without a loom). Bead your way to inner peace as you create a beautiful bracelet designed just for you!

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