DiamonDuo 2-Hole Shaped Beads

Bead of the Week: DiamonDuo Beads

These fun DiamonDuo two-hole beads from BeadMaster, are so easy to work with. I love them in the bracelet design by Cecil Rodriguez–featured in the 2017 issue of Quick + Easy Beadwork magazine.

The DiamonDuo beads, new to the market earlier in 2016, are unique with their diamond-shaped faceted tops and flat-back bottoms.
DiamonDuo 2-Hole Shaped Beads
I can’t stop making these little medallions made using these fun beads. I’m now trying to figure out a way to incorporate them into a necklace or scale them down slightly for a pair of earrings! Don’t you just love the turquoise/copper combo here?
DiamonDuo beaded samples made using DiamonDuo 2-Hole Shaped Beads