Design Wire Jewelry with Attitude!

Keep it together with wire.

It’s my birthday this week and, according to a friend, I’ve officially arrived to the point in my life where people will start saying “Yes, Ma’am!” when I ask them to do something. Boy, if she’s right, I’m really looking forward to it: “Do your homework.” "Yes, Ma’am!" “I’d like a discount on that, please.” "Yes, Ma’am!" “Rub my feet.” "Yes, Ma’am!" Wow—this is going to be good.

To fully embrace this Yes Ma’am! period, I may need to make myself a bold piece of jewelry. You know, something to go with my new firm attitude and red hat. To design for my new attitude, I planned thoughtfully, with purpose, considering each element for its meaning as I lay them out:

I’ll start by featuring this Steampunk-style heart I just received from polymer clay artist Jeannie Dukic. Even though it’s still sweet (it IS a heart, mind you), all that hardware makes it pretty kick-butt, just like the new bold outlook I’ll supposedly wake up with soon.

Crystal pearls will go perfectly with the heart, and their ageless luster will remind me that getting older is just a state of mind.

I'll incorporate these found objects, not only to reflect the flavor of the focal pendant, but also as a nod to my past years.

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 I turned to Step by Step Wire Jewelry for a way to tie it all together.  Subscribe to Step by Step Wire Jewelry and discover for yourself why I was inspired!  As I leafed through my issues I decided to use colored copper wire for my birthday necklace. Colored copper wire turned out to have all kinds of good birthday reminders for women of a certain age:

  • It’s available in several different widths and gauges, just like the wide selection of jeans sizes in my closet.
  • It's very soft and bendable, but can be work-hardened with a plastic or rawhide mallet. I'm guessing all those upcoming "Yes, Ma'ams!" will be a little like getting work-hardened, at first.
  • It can be coiled, knitted, woven, looped, wrapped and bent but still has a good memory; it can still be straighted out with a good pair of nylon-jaw pliers. For a woman, sometimes all you need to get straightened out is a bar of chocolate. Yes, Ma’am!
  • Colored copper wire doesn’t tarnish or fade. Aw, now isn’t that the best birthday reminder of all?

Did you find inspiration in Step by Step Wire Jewelry to make a design with purpose, as I did this week? What else about making wire jewelry reminds you to keep a good attitude? Please share your thoughts here on Beading Daily.

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