How to Design Jewelry Collections to Sell

How to Design Jewelry Collections to SellQ&A with Heather Lawrenz, owner of Lawrenz Jewelry

Q: Describe the kind of jewelry you make and where you sell it.
A: For more than ten years, I have hand crafted jewelry in my home studio using semiprecious
gemstones, found objects, brass, and sterling silver. Boutiques, galleries, and catalogs carry my jewelry,
and I also sell at art shows around the Midwest.

Q: What is a jewelry collection and why is it advantageous to form one?
A: A collection is a grouping of work similar in content or theme, and I use the same techniques and/or materials to tie the work together. The visual impact of having a cohesive group of jewelry makes it easier to display and increases the marketability of the jewelry. Also, collections are a great way to showcase limited edition pieces, due to the availability of materials and ever-changing styles.

Q: What are the titles of your collections?
A: Bliss: Everyday Elegance.
Shimmer: Event and Evening Jewelry.
Fearless: Bold and Sassy Jewelry.

How to Design Jewelry Collections to Sell

Q: How do you decide on the content and title of your collection(s)—are they seasonal, thematic, or material-based?
A: When it came to naming my collections, I determined that I have three distinct styles. As I design new
jewelry, I am able to easily place it into the appropriate collection, which I can continually expand and reinvent under that umbrella style.

How to Design Jewelry Collections to Sell

Q: How many collections do you recommend having at one time? How often do you change them?
A: I am comfortable with three collections that I update at least seasonally and possibly add to before a large show.

(Jewelry shown here is part of Heather’s Fearless Collection. Photos courtesy of Heather Lawrenz.)

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