Denise Peck's Red Carpet Jewelry

The 83rd Academy Awards are in two days. Sure, I love seeing who wins, who's with whom, even who smiles that fake smile like it doesn't matter when their name isn't called …(come on, you KNOW you see them do it too). But to tell you the truth, I will be watching once again for the baubles. The fashion and the jewels never cease to amaze me each and every year. How about you?

This year the Academy conducted the Oscars Designer Challenge 2011 with nine up-and-coming fashion designers vying to have their original evening gown worn by one of the Awards escorts during the show this Sunday night. The public voted on the gowns, and it'll be exciting to see the winning gown! I'd love to see a similar contest for the bling! No doubt about it, if any of our jewelry designers were to waltz down the red carpet, surely it would be Denise Peck. Denise is certainly a jewelry celeb worthy of nomination every year and her new book, Wire Style 2 proves it once again!

Zig Zagging Down the Red Carpet

I'll only be waltzing down my living room carpet this Sunday, but I wanted to try making a pair of Denise's Zigzag Earrings with a dash of red carpet elegance. They looked so fun, simple, and versatile. Denise's version is made with turquoise beads; mine is made with Swarovski crystals (feel free to use diamonds in your own version if you happen to actually be walking down that red carpet).

1. String a crystal onto each head pin and trim the extending wire to ½".
2. Make a very small loop at the end of each head pin.
3. Attach 1 head pin to 1 ear wire. Attach a second head pin directly above the crystal on the first head pin, right above the crystal. Attach 4 more in the same manner (above the crystal of the previous head pin). Repeat for the second earring.

Don't you just love these earrings? Denise also suggests making it longer and adding a clasp to create a striking choker. Whether you're off to roam the red carpet, or simply your office cube, Wire Style 2 is filled with wonderful wire projects sure to make a fashion statement just for you! 

The best is yet to bead!




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