Denise Peck's Easy Peasy Wire Wraps


I love playing with wire, don't you? The design possibilities and colors are endless. Denise Peck is considered one of the wonderful wire women influencing wire popularity, trends, and techniques for many moons. I asked her to share one of her fave techniques with my Beading Daily peeps, so here you go!

Those pesky wire wraps. A number of years ago, I was stringing beads and selling my pieces at a local gallery. But it was time for me to expand my repertoire and I had to master the wire wrapped loops so that I could, at the least, make matching earrings. You Tube didn't exist, and no one was sharing these things on the internet yet, so I had to learn from the couple of magazines I had lying around. It was a challenge. You know that famous 90 degree bend you make first? I did not get that part at all!!

Well, not long after, I took a class, and the teacher taught me her technique for a perfect wire wrapped loop. I'm afraid I can't even remember her name. I realize now that there are many ways to achieve the same look, but her way stuck with me, and I've been making them that way ever since.

Round-nose & Chain-nose pliers

For those of you who have yet to master this, and for those of you who do it another way, I offer this way. For me, it never fails.

I use one pair of round-nose pliers, and one pair of chain-nose. And I use them only as mandrels. My fingers do the work, so to speak. Do not twist your wrist or turn the pliers at all.

1. Grasp the wire about 2" from the end with chain-nose pliers. Using your fingers, bend the top wire flat against the pliers to 90 degrees.

2. With round-nose pliers, grasp the wire right at the bend you just made, holding the pliers perpendicular to the tabletop. Pull the wire up and over the top of the round-nose pliers

3. Pull the pliers out and put the lower jaw back into the loop you just made.

4. Continue pulling the wire around the bottom jaw of the pliers into a full round loop.

5. With your fingers, or chain-nose pliers, wrap the wire around the neck of the lower wire two or three times.

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