Decorate Yourself For the Holidays

We spend a lot of time decorating our house for the holidays: lights go up around the front door and all around the big back porch, and we collect evergreen boughs from the woods that are tied together with big, red ribbons. I tend to get a little carried away inside the house, too. The mantel over the fireplace is suddenly full of carved wood snowmen, reindeer made from something that resembles Astroturf, and huge candles in the form of evergreen trees. Yep, I love decorating for the holidays, especially when it comes to decorating myself!

I don't make a lot of earrings during the year, but the holidays are the perfect time for me to practice my earring making. Crystal beads, precious metals, and mixed media jewelry-making supplies are my favorites for holiday earring making projects! 

I love the glow of crystal beads, and how they add some light to the darkest nights of the year. Even if I don't always feel comfortable wearing crystal earrings during the year, the holidays are one time when I will gladly break out my little bags of crystal beads and whip them up into pretty party earrings with some precious metal wire!
Resin can capture sparkling glitter that makes me think of the sun shining down on a carpet of fresh snow the morning after a storm. The best part of this kind of "snow": no shoveling required!



Precious metals shine like the moon and the stars on a cold December night. Sterling silver, pearls, and even beautifully patterned aluminum discs make for some playful and beautiful holiday earring designs.

Decorating yourself for the holidays can be just as much fun as decorating your house! Just grab a few of your favorite beads and jewelry-making supplies, and a copy of Create Christmas Jewelry from the editors of Beadwork and Jewelry Stringing magazines. Keep your beads handy, because if there's one thing that you might need to do during the holiday season, it's make a pair of earrings for yourself or for a last-minute gift!

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What are your favorite beads and beading supplies for making earrings around the holidays? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and share your holiday earring making ideas with us!

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