Deck Your Ears For the Holidays

As I write this, the weather here in upstate New York is pretty frightful — lots of swirling snow, freezing rain, sleet, and high winds. But I'm tucked away in front of the wood stove with a snack and some holiday music, and I'm working on a quick and easy beaded earring project for the holidays! 

These sparkling holiday earrings work up in less than an hour, so they make excellent gifts for friends, teachers, and co-workers. Or use them as a beading project for a holiday get-together, beading party, or earring swap with friends.

Feel free to swap out the 3mm bicones for 3mm crystal pearls or even 3mm round glass druks.


  • 2 12mm crystal rivolis
  • 1 gram size 11 seed beads (color A)
  • 1 gram size 15 seed beads (color B)
  • 1 gram size 15 seed beads (color C)
  • 24 3mm crystal bicones (D)
  • Braided beading thread, 6 lb. test
  • Ear wires or earring findings of your choice


  • Size 12 beading needle
  • Scissors or thread cutters
  • Chain nose or flat nose pliers

Step by step instructions:

Step 1: On a 4' length of thread, pick up 24 A. Pass through the first bead again to form a ring. Work 1 round of flat circular even-count peyote stitch, stepping up at the end. (Tip: you can use your fingers to keep your beads flat as they spiral out.)
Step 2: Pick up 2 B, 1 C, 2 B, and pass through the next A in the ring. Repeat around, forming 12 picots. Pass through the first 2 B and 1 C to get into position for the next step.
Step 3: Pick up 1 A, 1 D, 1 A. Skip the next picot, pass through the following C (center of the picot) and pull snugly. Repeat around, adding a total of 6 D.
Step 4: Before closing the ring, slip the rivoli into the center of the bezel. Pass through all the A and D just added, skipping the center of the picots (C) that you added in Step 2.
Step 5: Weave through the beadwork so that you exit an A at the top of the bezel. Pick up 1 D, and pass through the next A in the ring. Pull securely to add the bicone. Weave through the next picot, coming down to exit the A at the base. Pick up 1 D, and pass through the next A in the ring. Repeat to add a total of 6 D.
Step 6:  To finish your earring, weave the thread tail into the back of the bezel, knot and glue if desired, and trim the thread close to the beadwork. With your thread exiting from a C (center of a picot), pick up 8 C and pass through the bead in the center of the picot to form a loop. Repeat the thread path twice to strengthen and secure, and weave your working thread into the beadwork. Knot and glue, if desired, and trim the thread close to the beadwork. Use your chain nose pliers to add your earring finding to the hanging loop. Repeat all 6 steps to create the second earring.

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Bead Happy,


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