Cut Paper Snowflakes, Stitch Beaded Snowflakes

I’ve been writing here a lot about creative play…play that can make you a better beader. Sometimes that can be playing with your beads to come up with design ideas, but other times, it’s a good idea to step away from your beads to get new beading ideas.

individual snowflake

For instance, I got the idea for my Princess Elsa snowflakes from cutting paper snowflakes. I learned how to cut snowflakes so they are formed like the real thing (with 6 sides), and while doing so, dreamed about designing my own beaded snowflakes.

Want to learn how to cut these inspirational paper snowflakes? Here’s how:

1) Start with a square piece of paper.

snowflakes 1

2) Fold in half diagonally to form a triangle.

snowflakes 2

3) Find the middle of the long edge with your finger. Bring the bottom right corner to the upper left edge so it forms a 1/3 fold.

snowflakes 3

4) Fold the bottom left corner to the upper right edge so that all 3 layers are the same. (You may need to make some slight adjustments here…I have folded a ton of these and still get a little off sometimes!)

snowflakes 4

5) Fold the triangle you’ve created in half lengthwise.

snowflakes 5

6) Cut off the extra paper at the top so it’s even.

snowflakes 6

7) Cut designs along the long edges of paper, taking care to keep part of each of the folded edges intact.

snowflakes 7

8) Open!

snowflakes 8

I was inspired by my paper snowflakes to bead my Princess Elsa snowflakes…maybe you’ll be inspired, too? Make many snowflakes to get different ideas for beading…you could even draw different bead shapes on the paper to give you construction ideas.

snowflakes 9

Quick, easy, and so versatile, it’s a fun project to make at this time of the year.

Happy beading!


Jean Cox
former Beading Editorial Director


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