Crystals Are a Dog's Best Friend: Bling's Top 10 Jewelry-Making Projects

  My mommy won’t stop beading, but she said she’d give me three bones if I bark about my favorite sparkly projects for this blog. I’m not so good at this computer thing since I’m only one year old (Sunday was my barkday) plus typing with paws isn’t nearly as much fun as rolling in the dirt. But since my name is Bling, I love stealing anything shiny (as well as non-shiny stuff like dirty socks) and running through the house so my mommy will chase me. The bigger the sparkle, the faster she runs. My faves are all bracelets, so mommy can make us a matching set: She gets a bracelet, and I’ll wear mine as a collar (for my glamor shots only)!

Bead-stitching Katie Hacker’s Bejeweled Crystal Bracelet with big seed beads and sparkling crystals would be easier for my mom to make faster. This would make a great doggie collar for me, too, don’t you think? Pink and black, please. . .


Crystal Connections by Daeng Weaver uses flat peyote stitch, tubular peyote stitch, square stitch, fringe, and picot. Since my mom just learned how to peyote stitch, I think she can handle it!


Nancy Zellers made this Crystal Cuff Bracelet to wear to holiday parties. It uses our favorite crystals and right-angle weaving. Maybe my mom will learn a new stitch. If she does, we’ll never go for a walk again!


Crystalicious Bracelet by Bonnie Clewans features two shapes of beaded bead—one, a double-sided rosette and the other, a faceted cylinder. They're made one at a time and then strung together with seed beads and bicones. They look like balls to me, so I give this project a double paws up—can’t wait to fetch. 


Firecracker by Lindsay Burke has loads of bicone crystals and looks like the explosion in my mom’s beading closet: I think she should make this one. Adding pink would make it perfect for me!


Kumihimo sounds like Fluffy the neighbor cat coughing up a hairball. Vanessa Blevins’ Kumihimo Crystal Bracelet looks much more beautiful than Fluffy’s hairball and uses wire and crystals, some of my fave things.


Wire Lace Bracelet by Donna Ryan-Kocun is bow-wowlicious and uses wire, crystals, and seed beads. I think those are the ones that rolled under the couch in our living room (by the way, they have no flavor).


Sparkler by Beth VanOstenbridge looks like those loud, booming, sparkling things in the sky we saw last month. With all the blingy crystals in this bracelet, I would look like a lion in this collar!


Montee Magic by Katherine Schwartzenberger is quick, easy, and showcases your favorite colored crystals and right-angle weave. I want to mix and match wearing three at one time! Can you picture me?


Cecilia Guastaferro’s Crystal Edge Bracelet is barkingly fabulous and has top-drilled bicone crystals that  look good enough to eat. Of course, everything looks good enough to eat to me!

Hope you like my puppy picks. Make some for yourself — and your favorite fur baby. My mom always says you can never have too many beads, bones, or BLINGS! Now you can get all my 10 picks and so many more incredible projects for the best deal of the year.

Woof, woof. . .

Barkingly Yours,

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