Crochet Necklace

This is a basic chain stich done with Trellis Yarn. Seven strands tied together and a loose knot at the end. There is no clasp on this as the person that is going to wear it just has to adjust the length and tie a knot.  So simple to make and with this design you can make so many variations using different types of yarn. Plymouth Electra works great and so does dazzle lash yarn.  I have made a ton of these and some of the ones that are more geared to cooler weather I have added beads and flowers to them.

The expense is so minimal and they are very attractive on. My mother in law taught me how to Crochet a few weeks ago and I have been addicted to making them. Would be good for a craft fair as a source for inexpensive items to sell. With the economy as it is today we all have to look at alternative ways to sell our craft.

Crochet Necklace

Free Crochet Necklace Pattern


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I’ve tried to write down a pattern for this crochet necklace once it was done, (I use to work by sudden inspiration!). (more…)

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