Creative ways to organize and display your favorite jewelry

Storage Ideas for your jewelry

We make lots of jewelry but we wear even more. Wearing jewelry is energy in motion–– put it on, take it off, change outfits, change jewelry. Did you ever get all decked out and then spot a piece you forgot you had peeking out from the clump of stuff in your jewelry box? Or you want to wear something but can’t find it in the mess piled on your bureau? I really want to have all my jewelry out, because everything gives me ideas for new pieces. I came up with solutions that work so well, a co-worker once asked me if I had my jewelry hanging with my clothes in my closet, because I always matched! (I considered his thought but didn’t want my jewelry hidden in the closet!) I also asked a few other jewelry-makers how they organize their jewelry. Once they stopped laughing, they sent me pictures of their solutions. And though I suspect some cleaned up for these photos, they clearly offer good storage ideas especially for strung pieces, to preview, protect and prevent tangling. So peek at the pretty, witty, clever, handy, but oh, so practical ways we keep favorite pieces safe, on hand, ready to wear, and in view, to delight and inspire us. 


Outside the box

A real jewelry box holds small bags of jewelry for Merle White, the editor in chief of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist and the editorial director of Interweave’s Gem & Jewelry Group. As a frequent traveler, she protects things in small plastic bags and silk drawstring bags, sorted by type of jewelry or by what she last traveled with. She packs jewelry right in their bags, and when she comes home she puts the bags back into the jewelry box. 


Hanging out

I have a ton of jewelry-literally! To keep the heavy pieces from damaging smaller works, I hang the big beads on a clothes tree, and pile bulky bangles on it, too. I love looking at the cascade of color!


A room of their own

Being a prolific jewelry designer, Denise Peck, editor in chief of Step by Step Wire Jewelry and senior editor of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, needed something very large. The various baskets and boxes on her dresser were overflowing. This full-length mirror armoire was just the thing. Only problem now––it's full and her dresser is again piled with baskets and boxes!


Color coordinated

As my co-worker suspected, I do have a way to keep my jewelry organized to be easily coordinated with my wardrobe. First I sort like-color suites (necklaces, bracelets, some earrings) in clear baggies, and store those in a clear chest of drawers. Each drawer contains specific colors to match the colors of clothing I wear most. 

Public displays of affection

Danielle Fox, editor of Stringing and Best of Stringing, uses select, commercial jewelry displays for a stylish way to keep her favorite jewelry handy and organized. Why not? The same decorative stands used by jewelry artists at shows and exhibits look just as lovely on a dresser or table, and are available in so many styles. These birds and branches suit Danielle and her fashionable flair so well! 

Marlene Blessing, Editorial Director, Books, displays jewelry as part of the décor of her home. These bulletin boards are displayed for hanging jewelry and other interesting bits. But only her most favored pieces get worn by an antique dress form from St. Louis, the gilded "Mrs. Hudgins!"

Keep these great jewelry storage ideas in mind as you create the latest projects in Stringing magazine! Share your storage ideas below and on our forums!






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