Creating the Spiral of Kronos Necklace

Beading Daily contributing editor Sandi Wiseheart describes her experience with the April/May 2007 Beadwork challenge kit supplied by lampwork artist Cindy Gimbrone.

"Cindy Gimbrone calls her lampwork spirals "The Spiral of Kronos."  There are two different mythical beingsidentified by a variation of this name:  Cronus, the Titan deity who ruled the harvest, and Chronos, the Greek personification of time. The glass spiral thus evokes our own journeys through time, fragile, yet strong; each journey bears its own fruit, both sweet and strange. I used silver wire to wrap the spiral itself with crystal fruits, and hung the bead from three slender ribbons wrapped with moons, more crystals, and silver spirals. This necklace evolved over a period of several weeks, as I added and removed various elements until the piece "felt right."  Just as a single step can become a journey, a single bead can grow into a piece rich with meaning."

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