Create These Easy Crystal and Seed Bead Earrings

Quick and Easy–and a Great Birthday Gift!

I've been looking for an earring project for an April birthday gift and this week's free project from Step by Step Beads, Crystal Corona Earrings, is perfect.  It's easy to customize with your favorite colors using materials you probably already have on hand.  It's also astonishingly quick–I finished the first earring in less than half an hour.  The project illustrations are excellent–they are fairly large with arrows showing the thread path and numbered beads, so you know exactly what to do next even if half your attention is diverted by the subtitles on Heroes

My Version of This Week's Free Project

My version uses smoked topaz and fuschia 4mm crystals, size 15 fuschia seed beads, and gold-filled ear wires.  If I were to make a second version, I'd add an eye pin (with a seed bead, crystal, seed bead and wrapped loop at the top) to go between the ear wire and the seed bead bail.  That would give these earrings a bit more length and movement.  I'd also love to join several circles together for a dramatic bracelet.  If you try this project, I'd love to know what colors you used or other changes you made.  Share your ideas on the website.

New Free Project

Crystal Corona Earrings
by Pilar Burg

The materials (crystal bicones, seed beads, ear wires) for these easy earrings are common ones you're likely to have in your stash already or could easily purchase at your local bead shop. Once you have mastered the pattern, create the matching pendant in the May/June issue of Step by Step Beads

Michelle Recommends:  In the May/June Step by Step Beads, I'm intrigued by the Pod Necklace by Judy Dunn with the iridescent beads made from polymer clay.  I'm always amazed at all the different finishes and effects polymer clay artists can achieve.  While the cover project is striking (Pretty as a Peacock by Ann Burke), Spiceberry by Jenna Colyar-Cooper is the project I'm personally most likely to make.  It's multiple strands of peyote stitch braided together, the kind of project that looks quite complex but isn't once you've mastered the basic stitch.   Subscribe to Step by Step Beads today.


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This free earrings ebook, Making Jewelry with Beading Daily: How to Make Earrings: Five Free Jewelry Projects, includes five earring patterns that use a range of techniques (simple stringing, wirework, simple metalwork, seed bead netting and fringe) and a variety of materials (silver, copper, seed beads, crystals, pearls, gemstones). Both beginners and more experienced jewelry makers will find at least one beaded earring design that will inspire them to catch the handmade earring craze!

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